Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gettin' All DIY Up in Here

I really want to show you our bathroom and all the progress we have done on it so far, but I think it would ruin the big reveal.  Not that it's going to be like fancy shmancy DIY bloggers, but it's definitely a change from what it was.  I will show you a pic of the wall before we painted so you know that I wasn't lyin' when I said it was lime neon green.


Those are some paint colors we were looking at.  I said, 'I wonder which one would look best with the yellow accent color and my redneck husband whipped out a can of yellow spray paint and sprayed it on the wall.  Gotta love him....

In the meantime, I have been spending a lot of my computer time looking at DIY blogs and pinterest.  There are so many that have inspired me, but one that I love that has really good ideas and easy craft creations was 320 Sycamore.  I have spent a lot of time going through her posts.  And then going to Lowe's.  And Wal-Mart.  And Goodwill.  Now, I wish it was yard sale season so I could scope out some awesome deals like she does.  Go check her out.

Here are a couple things that I have been up to.  Quick, inexpensive, decor ideas.

1.  Spray paint makes it all better.

After reading through Melissa's blog, I realized that spray paint can turn something extremely ugly to something that looks like it came from a magazine (sort of).  I was inspired by this post of hers and off to The Dollar General I went.  They had a lot of their spring/summer stuff on clearance, so I picked up a few tacky, redneck figurines and tried my hand at it.  I was actually really embarrassed checking out with these because I didn't want people to think I was putting them in my home as is.
My lovely woodland creatures:

And their cost:

I grabbed some spray paint primer and went to town.  And then some basic semi-gloss white.  I might get the Heirloom White color next time.  Perfect timing because after these guys, I ran out of paint.

Stupid bug decided to meet his death on the birdie tail, so I just scraped him off, waited for it to dry, sanded a little and sprayed some more.
Trying to decide if I like the flowers or not...It was only $2.50...Who cares!?

So much better!!!
I am using the owl for my fall decor, but the rabbits and bird are going to wait until springtime.  I am thinking of doing something like this.  

2.  Look around your yard!
As I was painting these dear creatures, I noticed an acorn on my blanket that had fallen from the tree.  I had just purchased some different sized vases to decorate around the house from Wal-Mart.  If you look in the fake flower/wreath form/craft area, you can find some super cheap ones.  I bought a couple bud vases and long skinny ones too.  AHA!  I shall collect these tiny acorns and put them in the vase!  This cost me about $1.25.


3.  Buy some mums.

This flower just screams fall.  They are hardy and will last for a couple months (if you remember to water them...)  I didn't have any pots to put them in, so while I was perusing Wally World, I found some big, green plastic ones for $4.95.  And the mums were $4.95 each, so here we have a $10 project.  Now, I love the color green.  It's my favorite.  But I really wanted black because it's universal and I can use it throughout the seasons.  So...revert back to #1.  I spray painted it black.  Brian brought some flat black spray paint from work and I sprayed a couple coats. 

Next up--plant the mums.  Now, these pots were a little big for the $4.95 mums, so I put a few rocks on the bottom to take up space. 

I had some leftover soil from the spring, so I started to fill up the pot.

When I went over to the bag, look what I found on top!

I plan on keeping this and using it for my spring vignette.  yay!  Brian said, "You better Lysol the heck outta that thing before bringing it inside!"  yes, master...

Well, along with having two planters, I also had purchased a new utensil holder at Wal-Mart.  The one I bought was much wider than my old one, but it was a dark bronze color.  So guess what I did?  Spray painted it! HA!  So, now I had a white ceramic container waiting to be filled with mums and brought inside.  I tried to separate one of the mums was hard.  And I'm not sure if the indoor mums will live.  But they sure look pretty now!

In my utensil holder.  This and my pots looked kinda puny, so I rummaged through my ribbon drawer...

Ahh...Much better! :)

Grab an awesome pitcher and water them suckers.

Then take a pretty picture with a sign you made (that was free to make!) and post it on Instagram.   **I used a technique similar to this.  

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Hope you got inspired!  Have you done any fall projects yet?

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