Saturday, December 31, 2011

Breastfeeding is Awesome!

Seriously!  I think it's God's gift back to us mom's after going through painful labor.  A: Bonding with my baby and providing his most basic need and B: BURNING 500 CALORIES A DAY DOING NOTHING!  Can I get an AMEN?!  I am writing this because I stepped on the scale today for the first time in over a month to see what my weight was and calculate how much I need to lose to feel normal again and I had lost 10 whole pounds.  Who loses 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  The mother of all feasting!  Can you tell I am ecstatic?  I have been eating craptastically and still lost weight!  Hallelujah!  I am now 6 pounds away from my pre-baby weight BUT I gained weight before getting pregnant due to summer school and stopping any form of exercising cold turkey and shoveling peanut M&Ms into my gullet.  So maybe (hopefully) this weight will come off faster than expected!  Here's the scoop:  I gained A LOT of weight whilst preggers--let's just say I was closer to 200 lbs. than to 100 lbs.....okay, I'm an open book: One hundred eighty pounds!!  Holy mackerel whale!  It just doesn't hurt as bad if I type out the words.  Well, now I am 141 lbs. (still a hoss) and I was 135 lbs. when I got pregnant.  So, so far I have lost about 40 lbs. in 4 months, which is pretty awesome but I'm not done yet because this jiggly ace sho' ain't gonna be seen in a bathing suit this year if things don't change. So, I am aiming for 125 lbs.  Respectable and average for my height (5'3").  I was 113 lbs. in high school.  My glory days.  Anyway, so that's 16 lbs.  Completely doable, right?  I want to be a firm, minimal cottage cheese 125, knowwhatimsayin'?
113 pounds spring '02

inner thigh fat will always plague me!

125 pounds spring '10

at present

Friday, December 30, 2011

Showers are....

bittersweet.  I am NOT the type of mom that wakes up an hour before my baby to get ready for the day (unless I am working, of course--we're talking weekends and holidays).  It takes me forever to get enough motivation to actually get there because I would much rather search Pinterest for craft ideas  do the dishes and laundry while Brody is taking a nap.  But then, once I finally decide to hop in I never. want. to. get. out.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  I should've done this an hour ago so I could stand there until the hot water runs out.  But alas, as soon as I start conditioning my hair, I hear that sweet gruntled cooing of my little man coming through the monitor.  So mama rushes out and decides the leg shaving will have to wait another week day.  One thing that I have discovered to entertain him while I finally dry my hair for the first time in 10 days is the God Loves... DVD series.  Now, I do not condone sitting your baby in front of the tube all day and turning their brains to mush.  This is a short 20 minute vid. that is baby-friendly (not overly stimulating).  And trust me, your babes will be hooked the whole time.  It has worked for my 4 nieces and nephews and it works for Brody too!  No joke.  Plop them someplace safe and you just bought yourself a little 'me' time.  I have never tried the Baby Einstein videos, but I heard these were better.  There are a few different kinds available and they are all equally awesome.  Check them out here.    You can thank me later.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Weighty Issue

hi!  Hope you are awake after the Christmas induced coma!  I plan on doing a Brody's First Christmas post but this requires uploading pictures and, once again, importing pictures from 4 different cameras/phones will just have to wait!  I still haven't learned!  Anyway, this Christmas, I received two items that will change my life: a sewing machine and a treadmill!!!!!!
New Year's is coming up and that means a fresh start....resolutions....creating goals.  Now, a lot of times, resolutions are a crock and are thrown out the window by February.  BUT!  I am planning on doing things that I have done in the past that I know work for me!  I also have pretty good self-control and am pretty accountable to myself when I really set my mind to it.
Here are my goals:
1.  Be healthier-mind/body/soul
2.  Learn how to use my sewing machine and make awesome stuff!
How I will get there:
1.  Mind--this correlates with #2--finding a hobby that I enjoy where I take time for myself to create and make cute things for my house and son.  RELAX
Body--this is where the treadmill comes in.  I have one. in my garage. waiting. it was not free. no excuses.  I must use it.  I have lost weight in the past successfully and have been happy with my body.  I am hoping it will work again!  This was a combination of exercising and eating healthy...DUH!  This included running/aerobics and yoga.  I upped my endurance level to burn the calories and then did yoga to strengthen and tone.  Really, yoga is amazing and gets such a bad rep.  I see it as an awesome total body workout that completely relaxes me for an hour.  It's just stretching and muscle burning.  awesome.  I am planning on doing some form of exercise everyday except maybe one or two days to give my muscles a rest.   Also, one day a week, I am not going to do your typical exercising but rather CLEANING!  This burns so many calories and makes the house looks nice! BADA BING BADA BOOM!  I mean full on cleaning not just picking up.  This produces great results on both ends.  Cleaning should produce sweat :).  How am I going to be motivated to do these things?  BY DOING THEM.  TAKING ACTION.  I have learned that you have to exercise to get motivated to exercise some more.  It's a conscious effort.  I noticed in the past that after getting into a regular exercise routine, like running every day at 4:00, my body will remember this and at 4:00 I will actually feel like exercising.  My body will have extra energy it needs to burn.  Our bodies are way cool like that.
Okay, and here's the eating healthy part.  This is where a lot of people get turned off.  But really, what you eat is the most important decision you can make to successfully lose weight and be healthy.  If you eat high fat foods, you are going to have a high fat body.  If you eat bright, fresh fruits and vegetables you are going to look and feel fresh and bright.  High calorie foods taste sooooooo good but they make me feel like CRAP 30 minutes later.  I am listless and heavy.  BOO!  I used to eat a vegan friendly diet.  You must think I am such a crunchy hipster--I cloth diaper, breastfeed, do yoga, and was vegan.  Really, I am the type of person that LOVES to research stuff.  Cloth diapering is cheaper and better for the environment and my baby's bum, breastfeeding jumpstarts his immune system and bonds me with my baby, yoga strengthens and relaxes the body and eating a vegan diet is detoxifying and can actually reverse a TON of diseases and cancers.  FACTS, ladies and gentlemen.  Okay, I digress.  I know from experience that eating a plant-based diet made me feel like a million bucks.  Everyone always asks, what about protein, aren't you always hungry, etc.  But there are plenty of other sources of protein that aren't coming from animals and guess what?  It's better for you!  No cholesterol, low fat, antioxidants, low calorie, high fiber...mmmmm what's not to love.  The best part--I don't have to count calories and can eat as much of it as I want because of all the awesomeness I mentioned above.  Really, if you're interested you should read Skinny Bitch (life-changer and really funny) and The China Study (research based findings on the relationship between diet and health).  Anyway, I will get off my soap box now.  Even if you don't adopt a plant-based diet, try to incorporate more fruits, veggies, beans, and grains!  DO IT!
Okay and last----soul.  Ahhh.  The most important.  I really need to strengthen my relationship with God.  I know I will be a better wife and mom for doing so.  This means reading the Bible more and finding a place to serve at my church.  It is the best feeling to help others and I want to do more of it.  I want to start now so that when Brody is old enough to model after his parents, he will see positive, uplifting people who trust God in all things.
Alright folks.  Those are my goals.  Let's see if I stick with them!  I was considering posting a 'before' picture so we can all track the progress together but then I thought you guys might barf.  So, I may take a picture now for my own keeping and then once I reach the 'after' body I am hoping for, I will post both so you can think, 'phew. good thing she doesn't look like that anymore.'  It's been over a year since I have done serious exercising and watching what I eat.  Wish me luck!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

WAAAAY too busy to be writing here but I have a second since Brody's doin' his thang and I have a free hand!  We are going to my parents' house in Charlotte to celebrate Christmas early since both my brother's are in town and we are hanging out in North Carolina with Brian's family for the holidays.  I have sooo much to do before we leave in a couple hours!  It hardly feels like Christmas time since it's sunny and in the 60's outside, but this why I <3 NC.  Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all three of you that read my blog!  haha  Of course a post-Christmas update will be coming in after the craziness settles!  So excited to have the whole week off with my 4.5 month early Christmas gift!  But remember the greatest gift of all-Jesus Christ whose miraculous birth we celebrate!   Be grateful for the blessings you have!  Love ya!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Broken Record

Okay, okay.  I know.  All I do on here is talk about my sweet darling, but he is just so great and I want to look back on this time (possibly during his terrible two's) and remember how wonderful of a little boy he is.  Seriously, a great baby.  After getting him on a pretty good schedule (but still flexible), he has been very predictable and easy to manage.  He hardly fusses before falling asleep for his naps and it's more like a long moan.  As soon as he starts, Brian and I are like, "He's going to be out in the next 5 minutes" and BOOM-conked out.  We put him in the bed and we say Good night, he gives the biggest grin ever, we turn the lights off and don't hear another peep.  Then we wake him up the next morning, he sees us with those sleepy eyes and his whole face lights up again.  He laughs and kicks and is just lovin' life.  It makes me feel so good to know that he is that happy.  We must be doing something right! :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brody's 4 Month Update

***more pictures will be added later when I can find the USB cord!  I should learn to take pictures using 1 camera instead of 4!!!
Hello!  I am a little late posting B-Man's 4 month update.  This is due to the busy holiday season annnd his doctor's appointment wasn't until Tuesday and I wanted to post his stats!!
So here ya go B-diddle.  Your dad and I are completely enthralled with you.  We still act like fools to get you to smile and guess what?! You reward us with laughter now and it makes my heart stop.  Love hearing that sound!  I am so thankful for the way you have blessed my life.  What's new with you?

At 4 months, you:
- are 26" long (the 90th percentile) and weigh 14 lbs. 5 oz. (the 50th percentile).
- rolled over!  You did it once December 1st and then waited 6 days to show us again!  You still struggle with it sometimes, but that's okay!
- celebrated your first Thanksgiving!  You visited Virginia again and got to meet a lot of your extended family.  You are such a good traveler!  The car just lulls you right to sleep!
- adjusted so easily to the babysitter and not having your mom around during the day.  Bittersweet.  I still hope to spend my days with you in the future.  I still cry a lot at work (mostly when I am alone and looking at your pictures on my phone).
- are still wearing Small FuzziBunz diapers and on the smallest setting for BumGenius, but that may have to change soon.  You wear size 2 disposables whenever those are needed.
- wear mostly 3-6 month clothing.  You still wear some 3 month onesies but they are starting to pull down in the front.
- laugh a lot.  Just like mommy and daddy.
- still sleeping through the night.  About 9:30-8:30.
- are really starting to grab and hold on to stuff.  You are a lot more aware of your surroundings and are starting to figure things out.  Like you recently started spinning toy on your bouncer with little beads in it.  You stare at it and just spin and spin.
- love your Jumper, speaking of!  You spin around in it, touch all the toys attached, watch TV in it and stare at mom and dad when we eat.
- haven't started solids yet.  It might be a little while unless you tell us otherwise.  You are becoming more interested by watching us eat and making funny movements with your mouth and tongue!
- met your Uncle Stephen for the first time!!
- have started to bring your hands up and cover your eyes as soon as you start eating.  You always rub the back of your head before you fall asleep.
- got your first Christmas tree!

My how you've grown!! 
4 months old and so forlorn
cheer up!
pictures again, mom???! sheesh!
Daddy walked in and made me laugh!
and again
and again
Love you ham hock!

Our little family on Thanksgiving Day

My happy turkey!
First Thanksgiving!

wrapped up in your shark towel after bath time, one of your favorite things!

blue eyed boy!

noticing your toesies!


rubbing your head as you fall asleep

You make my heart melt!


Sleeping in the crib at Great Grandma's in VA

Resting after trying really hard to roll over

Blurry pic, but you LOOOVE your Jumper!




Holding that head up high!

Hello Handsome!

Proof that it's not always peachy!  But you're still cute anyway!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guess What!

My little man rolled over like 7 times in a row tonight!  Maybe it was my post that inspired him!  Good job Brody!

Ooops! Pretend it's December 1st!

I meant to blog this the day it happened so I could look back and see how old Brody was when he first ROLLED OVER!!  Good job little man!  I put you down on your belly and within one minute, so quick I almost missed it, you rolled over!  I screamed with joy and then you gave me a frowny face and it was then that I knew I had jinxed it!  I went to get my video camera and put you back on your belly, hoping for an encore, but no such luck.  And no such luck since then!  Come on baby!  I feel bad because Brian has yet to see it!  We have tried and tried and there have been some great attempts but a no-go!  I'll be sure to let the blogging world know when he's an expert at it!  You were 9 days away from your 4 month mark.  Love you Brodster---still a champ to me!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is my BABY'S Christmas List

It's hard to buy for such a wee one, but I was thinking of things he needed or would like in the future. :)  Just a few things:

1.  BumGenius One Size Cloth Diapers Hook and Loop (velcro) closure.
I like the bold colors especially Sassy, Ribbit, Moonbeam, Clementine, and MIRROR <3!
Link to Kelly's Closet.

The New Colors-LOVE them, but the Purple will have to wait for a mini me :)

2.  Sophie the Giraffe
I have heard so many great things about this teether!  Would love to have for him but can't bring myself to pay for it.  Link to Amazon

3.  Grandma El's or CJ's Butter
Cloth diaper friendly rash cream and Brody is getting low. :)
Grandma El's--Link

4.  Solid colored onesies/T-Shirts-ranging from 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-18 months.  This is so I can do some cute applique ideas that I have had on the brain for a while.  Long-sleeved or short, depending on what the season will be in the various sizes.  (He's about 4 months now).
Some Ideas:


And for some reason, two of them aren't loading the pictures so here are the links:

5.  TOMS.  Cutest shoes ever, especially on tiny feet, and for a great cause!  Preferably in the T8 size so he can wear them while WALKING!  AHHH!  Don't grow too fast baby!
Love the red, but ash is pretty universal with outfits too:
adorable, no?

6.  LOVE these personalized plates!  Super Adorable and he is going to love them when he gets older because it's his special plate!
Link---all of them are awesome!  I think once we are finished having children, I would like to have the Cookies for plate with all of the kids' names on it.  Example:
Really anything with his name or initials on it would be awesome!  A bag, a bean bag chair, a shirt, a stool, a plate.....I will love it all!

Well, as you can see, there aren't many toys.  I know he is going to get mostly toys for the better part of his life so I thought I would put non-toy items to mix it up a bit.  Thanks for reading!  Brody can't wait for Christmas!

Monday, December 5, 2011

This is my grown up Christmas list

Okay, so I thought I would just put a compilation of items that I thought would be nice to have for Christmas, birthday, special occasion, etc.  This may help family members who are wondering what I like/am interested in.  Sometimes I wish I knew specific things my family actually wanted instead of playing the guessing game and buying something last minute that I am not sure if they will like or not.  :)

1.  A TREADMILL-not necessarily this one (just pulled an image from google) but one that shows time, calories, distance and has an incline.  Simple.  Got to get this butt in gear and running at home would be easiest with the colder weather and a sweet little one.

2.  A FREEZER-An upright one so things don't get buried and lost like a chest freezer.  I plan on making Brody's baby food so it would be nice to have some extra room.  Not to mention being able to go to Sam's Club to buy bulk freezer items and having some place to actually put them!

3.  A SEWING MACHINE-Just a simple, beginner sewing machine so I can get my fix of all the craft projects I have pinned on Pinterest!  Holy Cow!  I love having personalized clothes for Brody or making inexpensive but adorable tee's.  I saw these two at Wal-Mart.

4.  A CUTE SEWING BOX TO GO WITH IT! :) Also at Wal-Mart.

5.  This may seem silly, but sometimes I cannot bring myself to pay $8 for mascara or eyeliner or whatever.  So, I wait until my mascara is just about as dry as the Sahara and my eyeliner is completely gone.  These are the two I like.  In Black please!
Maybelline Full 'N' Soft (NOT waterproof)

CG Perfect Point Plus-Not the wooden pencil but click up kind.
6.  ANYTHING FROM BATH AND BODY WORKS.  I usually go in there when they have their Buy 2 Get 3 Free and am set for a long time.  But, it just so happens that I am running low on my lotions!  I pretty much love every scent.  I am not very picky.  And it doesn't have to be lotions-I like their antibacterial soaps and hand gels and their candles are pretty awesome too.  

7.  A CURLING IRON.  I have a skinny one but I would like a fat one also to polish my ends. :)
I guess an inch or more diameter. ??? 

And really, I think that's it.  I don't want to put random things that I just sorta want.  All of these things I either need or reeeeeeallllly want!  That's all!  Now, I'm off to search through every store wondering if you will like what I got you! :)