Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ooops! Pretend it's December 1st!

I meant to blog this the day it happened so I could look back and see how old Brody was when he first ROLLED OVER!!  Good job little man!  I put you down on your belly and within one minute, so quick I almost missed it, you rolled over!  I screamed with joy and then you gave me a frowny face and it was then that I knew I had jinxed it!  I went to get my video camera and put you back on your belly, hoping for an encore, but no such luck.  And no such luck since then!  Come on baby!  I feel bad because Brian has yet to see it!  We have tried and tried and there have been some great attempts but a no-go!  I'll be sure to let the blogging world know when he's an expert at it!  You were 9 days away from your 4 month mark.  Love you Brodster---still a champ to me!

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