Friday, December 30, 2011

Showers are....

bittersweet.  I am NOT the type of mom that wakes up an hour before my baby to get ready for the day (unless I am working, of course--we're talking weekends and holidays).  It takes me forever to get enough motivation to actually get there because I would much rather search Pinterest for craft ideas  do the dishes and laundry while Brody is taking a nap.  But then, once I finally decide to hop in I never. want. to. get. out.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  I should've done this an hour ago so I could stand there until the hot water runs out.  But alas, as soon as I start conditioning my hair, I hear that sweet gruntled cooing of my little man coming through the monitor.  So mama rushes out and decides the leg shaving will have to wait another week day.  One thing that I have discovered to entertain him while I finally dry my hair for the first time in 10 days is the God Loves... DVD series.  Now, I do not condone sitting your baby in front of the tube all day and turning their brains to mush.  This is a short 20 minute vid. that is baby-friendly (not overly stimulating).  And trust me, your babes will be hooked the whole time.  It has worked for my 4 nieces and nephews and it works for Brody too!  No joke.  Plop them someplace safe and you just bought yourself a little 'me' time.  I have never tried the Baby Einstein videos, but I heard these were better.  There are a few different kinds available and they are all equally awesome.  Check them out here.    You can thank me later.

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