Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, I am a little late!  I have had this post written for over a week but it was getting all of the pictures from different cameras to post on here that took forever!  I think I may have even forgotten a camera, but I will post with more pictures if I think of it!!
It was my sweet little man's first Thanksgiving!  We had had such a fun, long weekend!  We went to my parents house just outside of Charlotte to spend the night Wed. night and Brody finally got to meet his Uncle Stephen for the first time!  It was pretty awesome and Brody was in such a great mood!  I see fun times in the future!  Then we left Thursday morning to head to VA to visit my side of the family.  Brody was such a good boy and slept most of the way there!  We spent the early afternoon in the country with my dad's parents and relatives.  As soon as we walked in the door with Brody, he was taken from our hands and I didn't see him for an hour as he was being passed around to every woman in the place!  It gave me lots of time to stuff my face with awesome homemade goodness!  :)  We spent a few hours there and then went to my mom's parents house to be with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  He was a good boy and slept while I ate feast #2.  I was soooo stuffed! I didn't do much Black Friday shopping because there were no big ticket items that I have been dying to have.  I mean, I really want a treadmill and a freezer to store Brody's baby food, but a $500 sale is still a little steep for me!  We did go to the mall and Brody was such a trooper!  He is such a well-mannered, easy baby.  Brian and I bought him his first Christmas present (a Taggie toy) and my mom got him a couple Baby's First Christmas ornaments.  Brody also got all dressed up to see Santa and took the cutest picture ever.  We stayed through Saturday and got home late that night.  Brody did awesome and went straight to sleep in his port-a-crib.  I'm telling We (dad, brother Stephen, brother Jason who lives in VA but came back with us, Brian) woke to an absolute smorgasbord of breakfast foods made by my mother dearest.  Then, my brothers, Brian and I went to a Charlotte Checkers game while the 'rents babysat.  We came home to fabulous veggie soup (again made by my sweet mom) and Brian and I headed back home to end the Thanksgiving holiday.  It was so much fun and I was sad to leave my family and going back to seeing Brody and Brian in the afternoons only. :(  It definitely made me thankful for the blessings I have-a warm, loving family, an absolute hunk of a husband, and a sweet, laid back little boy.  
Now on to Christmas!!!!!!!  woooohoooo!
Highlights:  *  warning  * LOTS of pictures!

meeting his uncle stephen for the first time!!

sound asleep for most of the ride!  those lips!

I can ride like daddy! (just kidding!)

in his cute bib

and hat :)

arrived in the country and snapped a family pic

with his uncle jason!

eating his hand

the spread of all the homemade goodness!

these are men talking

my aunt linda with brody

my mom with my meme (left) and christine


what a happy fella!

showing off the shirt I made the day before 

what a sweet guy

smiley pants

my pumpkin pie!

just a pic of the cute paci clip I got at the Southern Christmas show

love to see a worn Bible, used lots!

the barn

I hardly snapped any pictures at my grandma's house! i feel bad but here brody is with natalie (my cousin's daughter)

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  My bro found this in Grandma's closet and decided to walk the runway.  He was looking for something warm to wear while out Black Friday shopping....needless to say, he went with something different.
My happy guy!

so cute.  I was doing my makeup on the couch and I look up and he is just staring at his mama.  Love him.

Hahaha! He slept so hard he knotted what little hair he has!

In Pop's chair
I DIE!  Best Santa pic ever!
Happy Holidays from the Martin's/Shaw's!

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