Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just a little canned goodness for baby mamas...

Okay, so first off--this is for all you moms of babies out there.  My mother-in-law had this last weekend and it was revolutionary.  Thought I'd share.  Something so simple, I always passed it by at the grocery store.  Mini cans of veggies, already cut up.  I just open it, divide between 3 small Rubbermaid containers and heat it up every day for lunch.  They only cost about 79 cents each.  And Brody eats this first (by choice), over his meat and fruit.  If only I could find an organic version, well then...heaven on earth lemme tell ya...  Here's a pic:
it's a pop top too---8.25 ounces
taken from

Oh, and weigh in today---2 more pounds down!  Holla!

The next information I am going to post might not be for all eyes to see.  If you get grossed out or don't want to know about lady troubles then now is the time to leave.  I'll give you a second to close the screen.....

For the record, my friend, aunt, that big ol' punctuation mark (.), whatever you want to call it, came back today.  Awesome.  I was wondering when it would.  I have been having cramps for a couple months now just awaiting the day.  Coincidentally, this day (August 1st) was the day I was officially off birth control 2 years ago when Brian and I started 'trying'.  I almost made it a whole year post-birth (9 days away!!) before she came back.  While I can't say I missed her, I am happy about what it means.....the possibility for more children.  In the future.  

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