Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inspire Me:Healthy Link UP

Sorry I have been so MIA.  I spent a very long time writing this post, and Brody's birthday party is this weekend so I have been racing around town and the house getting things done.  I was going to do a My Weekend in Photos post, but it would just end up looking like this:

Tip #3 for losing weight.  Get sick.  Even better strep throat.  That way all you eat for two days is popsicles and soup.  And you will lose weight.  Voila.  I think I just solved the world's obesity epidemic.  But really, I lost two pounds just in two days.  It really sucked though because my worst day was my son's actual first birthday.  I couldn't even hug or kiss on him all weekend.  My husband stepped up to the plate though, and when I finally felt like eating again, he made me this.  :)  What a sweetie.

I hate to say it though.  Since I have been so busy with making Brody's party decorations/outfit, I haven't been cooking much and texting Brian at 6:30, "Chick-Fil-A tonight?  I'm exhausted."  "Can we order pizza?  I don't feel like standing for 45 minutes making dinner.  And all of our meat is frozen."  Yep.

So....this week, I weighed in at 141 lbs.  I have lost over 10 pounds since starting WW!  I haven't tracked any of my food since last week, but I promise to be better after the party on Sunday.  I am only 9 pounds away from weighing what I did when I very first got pregnant.  And 21 pounds from my goal weight.  I am actually excited for cooler weather so walks/runs around the neighborhood won't cause me to die of heat stroke!  Holler!


  1. OHHHH NOOOO ... FEEL BETTER! I hate STREP! ugh! ... YAY for being only 9 lbs away!!!!! You are rocking this! :) and YAY for cooler weather! Send some to the bahamas please LOL

    1. How about I just send MYSELF to the Bahamas and we'll call it even!! :) Lucky!

  2. Hope you feel better! And good job so far :)

  3. New to your blog - found you on the link up! I am planning on starting WW this week so good to know you are having success!