Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy Week 2

Here we are again, linking up with Raven and Kristen One week later.  I am still doing WW, but I find it hard to sit down and track my points.  Especially on the weekends where the computer is in my in-laws room and I would rather be out on the lake than calculating my lunch.  But I do try to keep an estimated tally in my head and eat clean if I feel I over indulged (like taking a few bites of Brody's birthday cake).  I didn't post my weight or any before pictures last week, and I am still debating.  It sucks being a girl.  That had a baby.  That likes pizza and peanut M&Ms.  For breakfast.

Moving on.....

I was trying to think of another 'tip' or piece of advice to give you...and this quote is what has been going through my mind all week.

source  EDIT::I just saw Raven's blog and she had the same quote.  Ha!

Really, this could say, "One week from now...", "One month from now...", "Six months from now..."  I saw this quote on my Pinterest around New Year's and man, do I wish I would have gotten serious about my weight then.  Because then, I wouldn't have gained 15 more pounds and wouldn't have that much more to lose now.  Ugh.  So, I think I am going to print out this quote and replace the picture that is already next to my treadmill in the garage:

The most ridiculous picture known to mankind.  I got this picture for Brian while we were dating and living in two different states, he in North Carolina and me in Indiana.  I was going to the State Fair with my family and he says, "Win me the most redneck picture you can find."  So, I 'stepped right up' to the dart throwin'/balloon poppin' station and won my baby this gem.  I think I exceeded his expectations.  

But alas, it is time to replace this with yet another inspirational quote.  One that I will look at as I step on the treadmill and think, I AM STARTING TODAY!

I know this week wasn't much, but I hope it inspired you too!  Maybe you could print it out and put it near the place you need it the most!  

Good luck girls.  Make it happen!

Okay, okay.  Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 152 lbs. (the size of a small locomotive)
Current weight: 144 lbs.  (-8 lbs.)
Goal weight:  120 lbs. (only 24 more to go!) sheesh...

I have been losing 1 lb. a week lately with WW.  And that is with doing very little, inconsistent exercise.  So, if that pattern continues, then I forsee reaching my goal weight by February.  My birthday is March 4th.  I will be at my goal weight when I turn 29.  End of story.  

Instead of posting 'before' pics (maybe I will get the courage someday), I decided to post some 'after' pics.  How do you do that, Jessica?  Why....we go back to the future.....when I was a skinny b.

back when I actually had a waist to accentuate

This bathing suit definitely wouldn't fit right now...

I hope my stomach muscles come back...

Now when driving with the doors off, I make sure my shorts are long enough to cover my cellulite and shirt is loose enough to cover the bulge...
March 4th guys.  Just in time to drive with the wind in my hair.


  1. Aw you are doing awesome! :) Just keep working at it! :) Enjoy the lake... keep tallying! and you will do fabulous! slow and steady wins the race! :)
    Good luck reaching your goal by your birthday! :)

  2. You are doing great!! Have you tried to iPhone app for WW. It helps me a lot when Im on the go!!

    So glad youre linking up!!