Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holy Crap

has it really been almost 2 weeks since I last posted?  Oops!

I have been having too much fun 'round these parts.

I know. I know. I still need to post Brody's birthday pics.  Thing of it is---I left my good camera at home.  After charging it.  And packing it all up.  I left it sitting on the floor.  And then, I started taking pictures with our not as good quality camera and after about 10 pictures, the battery died.  Because I didn't charge that camera.  But they will be posted.  Shortly.

I have been working on updating the house.  I have been taking a couple pictures here and there of the progress and will let you see them when I am ready for the big reveal.  I am so excited.  We are starting with the bathroom.  Because it is lime. neon. green.  And I look like I have jaundice when I look at myself in the mirror.  So I am painting the cabinets white and the walls gray.  With new white cabinets and shower curtains and shelves.  Adding accents of yellow.  I may actually feel like a grown-up when it is all over.  After that is complete, we are moving on the kitchen.  Painting the cabinets.  And countertops.  And then the living room/dining room.  trust me y'all.  It's gonna be bangin'.

Honey Boo Boo is ridonkulous.... like, how is this okay?

So, usually on Thursdays, (because it's 1:30 am, so it's Thursday) I link up with Kristen and Raven for their Inspire Me:Healthy link-up.  I am pretty sure I have gained weight back.  I have not been counting points the past 2 weeks!  KILL ME NOW!  I need to read everyone else's posts to get motivated again. And go look at skinny-piece-of-crap-girls-and-feel-bad-about-myself-and-then-go-run-10-miles.  Not to mention that we got a digital scale this week.  (yes, I had an old school scale)  And something is off kilter. Because they don't say the same thing.  I'm fatter on the new one.  I'm thinking of returning it.  just kidding  That just means I gotta work extra hard.

Well, so your time here is not completely wasted, I will post the pictures from Brody's One Year/Family Photo shoot done by the amazing Staton Carter Photography.

Feast your eyes on these.  It's the mother load of pictures, but it goes by fast!

Talk to ya later!



  1. Found you through the link up! Do you do WW? You mentioned points. I just started for the first time on Monday. I am interested to see how I do.

    Your son is too cute!

    1. Yes! I do WW. I started about a month and a half ago and had lost 12 pounds (according to my old jank scale), but I have not been keeping up with it like I should. My goal is to be smokin' hot by my 29th birthday in March. We'll see! Good luck to you! It definitely works (if you do what you're supposed to---unlike me...) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. he's so cute! these pictures are great!!