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I Wore Whaaaaat???!!!

This idea is GENIUS!  Aly thought it would be awesome if we all embarrassed ourselves by posting pictures of our hot selves back when 'fashion' boasted of chunky shoes and velvet.  Add to that braces and a bad haircut and you!  As I was looking through other babes in this link-up, I noticed only a couple pictures and I was itchin' to see more.  So, I dug through my old photos that I luckily grabbed from my parents house last year, and you now have a plethora of pictures to blackmail me with! HOLLA!

**As I was looking through my pictures, I had A LOT of embarrassing photos of other people too.  Then, it struck me!  As many awesome pictures I have of them, they probably have oodles of bad pictures of me!  uh oh!


Where to start??  I didn't have any pictures of when I was little, but I am sure they would be filled with owl-printed sweaters, stirrups, and scrunchies.  

I was really cool in middle school.
I loved to wear tank top sweaters, use Sun-In on my hair, cut my own bangs (oh wait--I still do that), and change the bands on my braces to match the holidays.  

I was also really cool and wore these yellow framed glasses.  A lot.  Sorry for the scary smudging--had to protect the innocent.

Then, I thought I looked smokin' with my velvet one-button cardigan and high waisted pants.  And remember those headbands with the teeth?  Great for growing out the bangs.

Happy Birthday to me....

Being in choir and wearing these outfits didn't help my popularity either...

Maybe the puffs helped us sing better?

I'm short.  So when chunky heeled shoes were 'in,' I went buck wild.

Braided straw? Yes please!

Freshman homecoming.  My first dance in high school.  Borrowed a dress, mom had to alter it because it showed too much cleavage, and chunky shoes again.  Went with a friend.

Aly, does she look familiar? :)  Hint: She was your neighbor.

Oy vay.  Stretchy, chunky GoGo boots.  I wore these a lot.  And that dress!  With that sweater?  And bag?!  Shocked that I actually had a date to this one!

I was a sophomore in college and was still wearing these honkin' things!  AND LOOK AT THAT DONK! BOOM!

Also in college, I spent a summer in Hawaii.  I guess I thought it was cool to wear dude's clothes.  I didn't like girls.  I swear.

That's me in boy's board shorts.  And my hat sideways.  And boy's undershirt.  And my tongue sticking out.

On the left.  Boy's board shirts.  Another pair.

Boy's camo shorts.  No, these were not Brian's.

And camo pants.  Again, not Brian's.

Then, I decided to be gangsta for a day.


There were times where I was trying to commit fashion faux pas.  Like, when I was visiting my family and changed into this after I got off the airplane, but before I saw them.  It's tradition.

Brian and I dressed up for my grandpa's Western themed birthday party.  Although I have to admit, that this wasn't the last time we wore these outfits.


And I was doing 'the duck face' before it was cool.  (Wait, it still isn't cool?)

Fabulous dahling....

America's Next Top Model, say whaaaaat?!

Fall Happenings

The other day, I posted the Halloween decor around the house.  Now, I thought I would show what we have been up to this season so far!

The weather has been exceptionally warm so we have been enjoying a lot of time outside.
Making laps around the yard--practicing walking as much as possible!

Going to eat at the best hot dog/burger joint in town!

Then it got cooler...just like fall is supposed to be.

So, we broke out the flannel shirts.

We played outside and took long walks around the neighborhood.

  With the cousins....

We went to Tiger World and saw fun animals.

And wore more flannel.

Mama tried her hand at red lipstick and we visited the pumpkin patch.

Brody went on the cow ride.

Ate a whole hot dog.

Had his first pony ride.

We took the obligatory pumpkin picture!

And the family one too.

We have had so much fun so far this season with our little man!  Can't wait for Halloween and trick-or-treating!

Check out Brody's first Halloween here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Show and Tell: How I Met Your Father

Hey y'all!  Linking up again with Becky with another Show and Tell!  This week's questions are all about how I met Brian (Brody's dad).  I figured since I hadn't really talked about this on the blog yet, now would be the perfect time!!!  This might be a long one, so go grab a snack...
On to the questions!

1.  Tell us about how and when you met your love and what attracted you most to him.
Well, I met Brian when I was a freshman in English class with Mrs. Tweedy.  I was already in a very serious relationship and wasn't looking for anyone else.  I only remember Brian as the kid would sleep all the time in class! haha!  We went to a Christian university, so one day during convocation (pretty much a church service-every MWF at 10 am), I noticed that Brian went up to the front to pray when the pastor asked if anyone had any concerns or troubles in their life.  This totally shocked me to see him down there, so the next day in class, I gave him my number and said that if he ever needed to talk to anyone, I was available.  (this was completely innocent--I honestly had no interest in a relationship)  So, a couple nights later he called just to talk (which I later found out with the intention of asking me out), found out I had a boyfriend and said good night.  That's all I remember.  
Cue 1 1/2 years later.  I had broken up with serious boyfriend, dated someone else and also ended that, now single and tired of looking for a boyfriend-spring of sophomore year.  A guy friend asked if I wanted to go get something to eat via Instant Messenger (remember THAT?!?!).  He also said that he was bringing a friend.  (See where I am going here?)  He comes to pick me up and then to get his friend.  In climbs Brian in the back seat with me. He looks familiar  My friend introduced us and I said, "I know you...we had English together last year."  Brian said, "No we didn't.  This is my first semester."  This went on for 10 minutes until Brian called me gullible and finally said I was right.  We ate, I laughed because Brian was going to prom with a girl he met at the tanning salon and said bye.  A couple weeks later, my roomie and I went to the college cafeteria in our sweats, with the complete intentions of going back to our dorm and doing homework--no matter what.  Guess who 'whistles' at us as we are going into the cafeteria.  Yep.  He calls us over to sit with him and his friends and I spend the rest of my night laughing harder than I have ever laughed.  We went to the gas station for some snacks, the tanning bed (yes, so he could tan), and then went and played pool where he almost knocked my tooth out.  Real smooth.  Don't forget I was looking hot in our sweats.  We exchanged AIM names and phone numbers.  He told me to give him a call when I got back to our dorm.  I did.  He gave me The Rejection Hotline prank number!  I didn't know what to think--is he joking?  Did he really not like me?  What a jerk!  Then he popped up on AIM, said he was just kidding and that it was in fact a joke.  Real smooth.  We ended up AIMing for hours.  We planned to meet up again the next day and play soccer.  From then on, it was as if we had known each other forever.  We talked on AIM every. single. night. for. hours.  How in the world could someone stay up until 3 every night and go to 8 AM classes?  When you're in love. Ha!  No joke, within a week, we were talking about we knew we would spend the rest of our lives with each other.  (Oh!  And he still went to prom with that girl because he didn't want to dessert her.  But she did get extremely angry when she tried to kiss him and he rejected her.  SO much so that he pulled over and she got out of the car and walked home--they were in her neighborhood...)

2.  Show us the very first (or one of the first) pictures you guys ever took together.

On campus within a week of our cafeteria rendez-vous, sitting on a blanket, talking about forever.

3.  Tell us some of your favorite memories that you two had together.
Oh man!  Going to VA Beach to see OAR and Gavin DeGraw (me getting in a car accident before we leave and his truck breaking down while we're there), the many weekend NC trips we took to go to the lake and Spring Break in Florida (where he proposed on the beach).  I also ended up going to TN for the fall semester after we met to participate in a singing show in Gatlinburg.  He would surprise me all the time and probably saw the show I was in 15 times.  I would open the door to my room and see a trail of Cheerwine and flowers and he would be waiting around the corner.  He would write me tear-stained letters and send it with huge goodie boxes of candy, Mad Libs, and pictures.  Seriously, I will treasure those letters forever.  That was one of the hardest times because we were away from each other, but it really showed me that he was in this for the long haul.  

A quick pic during intermission at the show.

4.  Tell us your favorite qualities about this man, what makes him "the one."
Hilarious.  Life of the party-he is a bigger social butterfly than I am.  Honest--completely.  Loyal no matter what.  I have absolutely no doubts that he will be faithful all the days of our lives.  Not afraid to show affection and show the world that he is proud of me.  The best dad- always present and willing to help.  Gives Brody just as many kisses as I do.

5.  Tell us what your "date nights" typically look like.
Lately, we have been hanging with friends and laughing until we cry.  But most of the time, and this was even true in college, we would go out to eat and go see a movie.  It has always been so relaxing to just sit next to him and hold hands, uninterrupted.  We would go to the park a lot in college, sit on a blanket and eat take out Japanese food, and talk until we fell asleep (you know--because of those late night AIM sessions).  We like to do active things now, too, but it usually involves chugging the baby along.  

Our last date night?  Was a Halloween party.  And this is how we like to have fun.

You better redneckognize!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sometimes it sucks being a parent...

and not for the reasons you might be thinking---dirty diapers, always cleaning up a mess of some sort, sleepless nights....

But because everything affects you in a much deeper way.  Seeing the leaves change, feeling the breeze blow, watching babies on the Johnson and Johnson commercials, hearing stories of loss at too young an age.

I guess you could say I am a 'softie.'  I am an emotional person.  Maybe, sometimes overly emotional.  I cry.  A lot.

And when I read a story or hear a song or watch a show about a child that is struggling, or has struggled and lost the good fight, I cry.  Tears streaming down my face, ugly cry.  I just put on my make-up and now it's ruined ugly cry.

I just read stories about Ronan.  I heard his song today for the first time.  And while I would be sad and sympathetic 2 years ago, I am deeply affected now.  To my core.  I get it.  Little beings taken away too soon.

A year ago, I wrote a quick post asking y'all to pray for my friend, Heather, whose baby had anencephaly.  That sweet little boy lived for 8 precious hours after he was born and I cried.  I cried for her.  I cried for him.

Not even those that have died, but those little people who get bullied and made fun of.  My motherly force wants to protect them and smack some sense into those mean people.  Really, I want to love them.  Love them all.  Because that's all our little babies need.  A mama to hug them and tell them it's all going to be alright.

A few months ago, when Brody was at a play gym for his cousin's birthday party, another little boy who was no older than two, I'm sure, started pushing Brody out of the way, knocking him over.  Brody went over to something else, and that little boy came over pushed him again.  For the first time, I felt it. Really felt it.  My mother lion instincts.  My blood starting to boil.  My protective alarm going off.  I almost yelled at this innocent little boy for doing something that he really had no control over.  I almost pushed that kid back.  HARD.  But I just said, "Please stop pushing him.  Go find something else to do."  Somehow, he understood and walked away.  crisis averted  Then, I immediately flashed forward to his awkward middle school years and I got scared.  How in the world am I going to handle that?!  Lord, please protect my son from bullies and crazies.  Let him wear his sweat pants without shame!!  *SIDENOTE:  Brian told me he wore sweat pants every day of his middle school career....poor thing...*  Brian and I were both lucky enough to not really get bullied by anyone.  I don't really remember the malice that judgmental teens can have.  I hope Brody and the rest of my flock can only be so lucky.

I guess being a mom brings on a whole new slew of crap.  emotions, worries, responsibilities.  Things that I thought had under control, but I really have no idea.  I am so thankful for a healthy little boy.  And I pray that he stays that way.  But, I do think about all those moms that aren't as fortunate.  And I cry for them...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Around the House

*Can you believe this is  my fourth post in two days?  Who am I?!!

Thought I would just show some Halloween love I've got going on around the house.  I've had this up since the beginning of October, and I am actually excited to switch things up again so it's just plain fall decor.  You'll probably see a post with that too.  :)

Disclaimer:  I am not a professional photographer.  I do not have an editing program nor do I know how to use the generic one on iPhoto.  These are straight out of the camera.

First up--a little pumpkin candy bowl and a BOO sign I got from Marshalls for $7.

I know that there are DIY posts about making this exact thing, but I didn't have the time or supplies.  I would probably spend more trying to make it...  Oh!  And that Scentsy candle warmer?  It's got 'Cinnamon Bear' melting away in it.  Nothing says holidays like the smell of cinnamon, if I do say so myself!  *Side note:  That's a surfboard behind our side table.  One of 4 inside our house.  My husband has 19.  He's obsessed.  They are going to storage when we redecorate.  End side note.*

The top of our entertainment center we recently bought from IKEA.  We don't have a fireplace, so this is as close to a mantel as we are going to get.  I made that little Halloween bunting last year.  Got that idea here.

Top shelf.  Framed pumpkin button art (inspiration) I also made last year, the spray painted owl from this post, and a brass apple bell from the thrift store ($4).

Fake pumpkin atop some stacked books with scary titles (from antique store $2 a pop), and an apothecary jar (from Goodwill $2) filled with candy corn.

Here's a close up of the scary titles.  Murder in the Dentist Chair, Tongues of Flame, and The Day the Century Ended  muahahahaha

Third shelf.  Black glittery pumpkin with changing color LED light inside (Walmart $2.50) and Spooky sign from Target One Spot ($2.50).  This is the shelf I like the least.  I couldn't make it too crazy, because it's within Brody's reach.  He hardly messes with it though, since his favorite thing, books, are stored right below it.

Now let's get a close up of the top decor.

These are some random things that I had in my Fall box.  I bought some Indian corn this year ($1 each) and didn't know how to display it, so I just threw them in a vase.  meh...

Also things I have had for a few years.  Brian even had this spooky candle tree in his apartment in college!  Over 6 years ago!

Then, on this side, I have a crow from the dollar store ($1, duh), the acorn vase I made here, and a lantern from Walmart for about $5.  I liked the more square lanterns, but Brian really liked this kind and said we could actually use it camping, so ....  whatever... :)

That's it for the entertainment center.  On to.....

The windows!  Just a little bunting I made last year with scrapbook paper and twine.  super easy.

I also have this little sign on the towel closet door.  I change it out for the seasons/holidays.

From Walmart for a couple bucks.  See that growth chart?  So cute! Brody got it for Christmas last year from my parents.

Next, we have a new piece of furniture that Brian actually made and I stained.  I wanted something skinny to put in this hallway.  Love it and it cost very little. :)

Here's a close up.  Gravestones and crow-dollar store.  Then, I picked up some fake pumpkins in different sizes from Michael's, covered the stems, and painted them with metallic silver spray paint.  

And I also got the glittery pumpkins from Michael's in a pack for $2.  

Then I bought a variety of candlesticks from Goodwill, the antique store, or Ikea and spray painted them all the metallic silver to look the same.  I was thinking of adding some black candlesticks, but maybe I'll wait until next year.  I bought the skull from The Dollar General for a couple bucks.  He is actually made out of red clay (like a flower pot) and had gold glitter on him.  I didn't like, so what did I do?  All together now:  I spray painted it!!

And the chalkboard was actually a picture frame (from Goodwill) that I painted the glass with chalkboard paint and the border with spray paint.  I plan on keeping it here and changing out the quotes.

In my kitchen, I have very minimal decorations.  I use my countertops a lot and I didn't want things crowding them.  So...

We have a ceramic weaved bowl (from Target clearance $4) with cinnamon scented pinecones (yum) and a little apple pie candle for ambience.  :)

This is not necessarily 'Halloweenie', but I just thought I'd throw this picture in there.  Love my milk glass vases, and planters and pitchers.  They have the same craspedia flowers I talked about in my bathroom update post.  I'll probably move some of this onto the mantel when Halloween is over. 

*I should have posted pictures of my Halloween kitchen towels, but I forgot!  Just pretend...

And now let's go outside.

Here's the wreath I made for our front door.  Super easy.  Grapevine wreath, fake flowers, letter from Michael's modge podged with fabric.  The flowers are just stuck in there so I can switch them out with the holidays.  

Here's my front porch view.  The wreath, the mum project I talked about here, my jack-o-lantern candle buckets from Kohl's 2 years ago on clearance after the holiday, my real pumpkins on the right (Brian, Jessica, Brody), and a fake one on the left.  I think I may spray paint and carve a big "S" in the fake one and bring it inside for my fall mantel....hmmm... (here's where I got that idea from)

So...that's it!  Halloween around the house!

And look at this goober!  He was actually not very happy at this moment because he was STUCK!  But I thought it was hilarious!  And look at those cute monster baby legs and fluffy baby butt!

...and THAT MESS!!