Thursday, October 25, 2012

Grown Up Christmas List

I wrote one of these last year, and my husband recently asked for ideas for Christmas so I thought I'd share with the whole world! haha!  I know what you're thinking...'Christmas?!  It hasn't even been Halloween or Thanksgiving yet!'  But news flash folks, we are only two months shy of that spectacular holiday!  So, without further ado...

1.  Gift Cards
Specifically to Amazon and Lowe's.
These babies are great!  It gives me free reign to buy what I really want.  With all of the home do-overs I want to do (paint walls, paint kitchen cabinets, redecorate, get couch slipcovers), gift cards to these places would be fab.

2.  Brown Boots
I have some camel colored riding boots that I got a thrift store that are leather and really cute, but I really want some brown ones.  I would love to have real leather ones, but then they get pricey.  Here are a few I have looked at online and found these on a great discount shoe site

*Taken from my Pinterest board*

3.  Home Decor Items
I know I just said I wanted gift cards for these things, but I'll give you a gist of what I like--in case you're out and about.  I have to admit that I have found some great things at Goodwill and other thrift stores, so don't be afraid of checking there.  I love anything white (not cream), silver or mercury glass, yellow, gray, or turquoise, or dark brown (these will be the basic colors of the house when it's all said and done!).  Anything that has an interesting shape like funky picture frames or a mirror with a unique border (doesn't matter what color because I love spray paint!).  I love

apothecary jars

and I saw this white scalloped bowl at Pier 1 and fell in love.  I love the shape of it.  Pretty and decorative to set out on the kitchen counter with fun things inside.

I also am really interested in a glass cloche.  You can find them at World Market, Pottery Barn, Amazon, etc.  I have been scouring Goodwill hoping something similar would pop up, but no luck yet.

4.  Home Decor and DIY books
A few of my favorite DIY bloggers have come out with books or ebooks.  I would love to get my hands on any of these babies:

From (blog>) The Handmade Home: (book>) Handmade Walls ebook (released Nov. 1)

From (blog>)Young House Love: (book>) Young House Love (released Nov. 6, but available for pre-order)

From (blog>) Ana White: (book>) The Handbuilt Home

5. Get Carpets Cleaned

I vacuum and spot treat (duh), but I would LOVE it if a professional came and deep cleaned them!  Little spots drive me NUTS and I would feel so much better with freshly cleaned carpet. :)

6.  White Dishes
I have two sets of dishes.  One set is pretty nice: ceramic with bold colors from Dansk.  The other set is melamine with rainbow colored polka dots that I bought before Brian and I were even married.  I would really love to yard sale these items and just have one set of white ceramic dishes.  Eventually, I would like to have either open shelving or glass doors on some of my cabinets and white dishes are much more pleasing to the eye.  I found this bundled set at Walmart.  I love that it's just dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and coffee cups.  I didn't want all the extras and the bundle serves 8.

Here is the setting I have now x2.  *Taken just 10 days after Brian and I got married....awwww
Funky and cute, but not classy or grown up...

SO, that about sums it up!  What do YOU want for Christmas?!

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