Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Wore Whaaaaat???!!!

This idea is GENIUS!  Aly thought it would be awesome if we all embarrassed ourselves by posting pictures of our hot selves back when 'fashion' boasted of chunky shoes and velvet.  Add to that braces and a bad haircut and you have.........me!  As I was looking through other babes in this link-up, I noticed only a couple pictures and I was itchin' to see more.  So, I dug through my old photos that I luckily grabbed from my parents house last year, and you now have a plethora of pictures to blackmail me with! HOLLA!

**As I was looking through my pictures, I had A LOT of embarrassing photos of other people too.  Then, it struck me!  As many awesome pictures I have of them, they probably have oodles of bad pictures of me!  uh oh!


Where to start??  I didn't have any pictures of when I was little, but I am sure they would be filled with owl-printed sweaters, stirrups, and scrunchies.  

I was really cool in middle school.
I loved to wear tank top sweaters, use Sun-In on my hair, cut my own bangs (oh wait--I still do that), and change the bands on my braces to match the holidays.  

I was also really cool and wore these yellow framed glasses.  A lot.  Sorry for the scary smudging--had to protect the innocent.

Then, I thought I looked smokin' with my velvet one-button cardigan and high waisted pants.  And remember those headbands with the teeth?  Great for growing out the bangs.

Happy Birthday to me....

Being in choir and wearing these outfits didn't help my popularity either...

Maybe the puffs helped us sing better?

I'm short.  So when chunky heeled shoes were 'in,' I went buck wild.

Braided straw? Yes please!

Freshman homecoming.  My first dance in high school.  Borrowed a dress, mom had to alter it because it showed too much cleavage, and chunky shoes again.  Went with a friend.

Aly, does she look familiar? :)  Hint: She was your neighbor.

Oy vay.  Stretchy, chunky GoGo boots.  I wore these a lot.  And that dress!  With that sweater?  And bag?!  Shocked that I actually had a date to this one!

I was a sophomore in college and was still wearing these honkin' things!  AND LOOK AT THAT DONK! BOOM!

Also in college, I spent a summer in Hawaii.  I guess I thought it was cool to wear dude's clothes.  I didn't like girls.  I swear.

That's me in boy's board shorts.  And my hat sideways.  And boy's undershirt.  And my tongue sticking out.

On the left.  Boy's board shirts.  Another pair.

Boy's camo shorts.  No, these were not Brian's.

And camo pants.  Again, not Brian's.

Then, I decided to be gangsta for a day.


There were times where I was trying to commit fashion faux pas.  Like, when I was visiting my family and changed into this after I got off the airplane, but before I saw them.  It's tradition.

Brian and I dressed up for my grandpa's Western themed birthday party.  Although I have to admit, that this wasn't the last time we wore these outfits.


And I was doing 'the duck face' before it was cool.  (Wait, it still isn't cool?)

Fabulous dahling....

America's Next Top Model, say whaaaaat?!


  1. You are so funny. You've had quite the fashion transformation over the years! Ha! Please post more pictures of you and your family changing clothes after you get off the plane! Ha!

    1. Ha! Thanks! I still commit fashion travesties daily in my mom jeans and T-shirts, but whatever's comfortable, right? HA! I wish I had the picture of my mom coming up the escalator in a wig, fake teeth, and huge sparkly sunglasses! You could say we are a little bit weird! haha!