Saturday, April 21, 2012

Products WE Love (3-8 months)

I know 3-8 months is a broad spectrum but I haven't had time to do the 3-6,6-9 posts like I was hoping, so I thought I would throw it all together in one big pot of baby stew.  (is that weird?)

Okay, so I posted Brody's infant needs and loves here.  Some things remain, some opinions have changed and new items have been added. :)

Things that remain:

We still love our Dr. Brown's bottles.  I really think he would be fine with any bottle now, but it is still our go to bottle.  I bought some Medela bottles to have extra and I do not like them as much.  After sucking for a few minutes, the lack of air would make the nipple compress and you would have to remove it from his mouth to reform.  Annoying.

Our glider.  I don't use it as much any more because night feedings aren't as frequent, but it's still comfy to sit in and have some snuggle time.  Brian still uses it every night to put the little dude to bed.

The pump.  I had to buy a new AC adapter but that was after over 5 years of use (previously my sis n laws).  Still have a love/hate relationship with it.  Love that it lets me give Brody mama's milk after going back to work, but I hate being milked like a cow.

The boppy.  Still gets put to good use.  I also like to put it around me, sit him down while leaning on my chest and read stories to him.  He loves this.
such a sweet boy.  rubbing his head while he sleeps.

His Soothie pacifier.  Ohmyword.  I could buy stock in these!  And for some reason they decide to disappear all the time!  I have purchased 8 since he was born---right now, I know where 3 are...wait...2.  Crap!

His sound spa.  Again...awesome for drowning out noise.

Things not used anymore:

Okay, so we still use the Lansinoh milk bags.  But I am mad.  I have lost over 40 ounces of milk because after thawing them, I will see that there is a hole and milk has leaked out everywhere.  This has happened at least 8 times.  It's really frustrating.  I don't know what to do about it though.  Still gotta use them.  At 10 bucks a box, they should be leak/tear proof.

His swing.  At least not by us.  He still sleeps in it at the sitter's but we don't use it at home anymore.  It may be attic time :(.   It used to be his best friend.  Our little boy is growing up...

His play gym.  He rolls and moves so much now that if I put him on it, he will be gone in a split second.  Now, I just throw all of his toys on it.  It may be attic time for this too and time to get a toy chest!

New things:  

Well, his Bumbo but that was short-lived.  Only because he is able to move around so much now, he can get out of it.  But it was great when we first introduced solids and could set him in that on the table or play with toys before he could sit up on his own.

His mesh teether.  These are awesome!  Sometimes I put an ice cube in there and it feels so good on his gums.  I also put frozen fruit that he can suck on and get the juices and wear it down to mangoes, frozen bananas, etc.

Sophie the Giraffe.  Another awesome teether.  May she rest in peace somewhere in the abyss of Wal-Mart.

His jumper.  This sucker is awesome.  He gets a leg work out, he's stationary, it's full of stuff to entertain him.  That way Mommy can get things done without worrying if he's choking on an electrical cord.....

His walker.  Watch your ankles though!  OUCH!  And now, he can move it around on the carpet so he is everywhere.  You have to keep your eye on him because he will pull down or open anything within his reach.
not our baby.  duh.  ours is much cuter...

Puffs.  Ohmyword.  These are like baby crack.  If Bro is cranky, I pop a few of these in front of him and BAM!  Happy baby.  I always have a stash.

Well, that's all I can think of.  I don't know when my next post like this will be...12 months?  He changes and grows out of things so quickly!  Maybe it is time for another, eh?

Let's Be Honest HFriday (a day late)

Let's Be Honest...

It feels so defeating when you spend 2 hours making new baby food for your kid and they HATE it.  Like, turn up their nose, shake their head violently back and forth, spit it all over the place hate it.

Thursday, for dinner, I had 2 hot dogs with chili and mustard, nachos and cheese and a Cheerwine slushie and I was still hungry.  I was at my nephew's baseball game...........

On the topic of healthy eating, last night before going on a walk with the hubs and babes, I spotted a Snickers bar and wanted it so badly.   Brian said, "Well eat it then."  I said, "But we haven't had dinner yet."  He said, "Jessica.  You're an adult.  You can have a Snickers bar before dinner."  I love my husband.

On occasion, I miss the freedom my childless friends have.  Going out to dinner or the movies, shopping with ease, going to bed knowing that there won't be anyone that might wake you up in the middle of the night....  *sigh*  But....I wouldn't change it for anything.

Sometimes I feel so lazy because all I want to do is write blogs and read blogs and there is a pile of dishes in the sink.

I don't have much this week.  It is Saturday after all and I have got lots to do! Like read blogs and work on Brody's updates!  :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ever Have One of Those Days Where You Feel Like a Million Bucks?

Today is not that day.  It was a
-sleep in until the last possible second even though you know you are still going to be late for work,
-take the fastest shower known to mankind all while trying to keep your balance and your eyes open,
-with a ponytail up because there is no way your hair is looking cute,
-throw on the only semi-unwrinkled pants you own (hello10pairsofpantswaitingtobeironed) that you bought at Goodwill to transition from maternity to normal, with a fit that is akin to a frumpy, loose, saggy grandma butt and just shy of being highwaters,
-eat half the candy you bought for your kids reward bowl,
-try to sleep while pumping,
-going to bed after dinner

kind     of      day

thanks brody....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hey guys!  I am linking up with A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers who asked us girls to post our doppleganger.  A doppleganger is the person you are told you look most like (most of the time it's a celebrity).  Well, there is one particular celeb that I get told I look like a lot but I will save that for last.  I went to just for fun because they have a celebrity look alike simulator thingy...Um, let me just say---I think they were a little off...  I did it a couple times with different hair to see how much it would change.

First up:



***I have seen others where they were a different gender  AND a different ethnicity (like Jet Li) so I guess they didn't screw me up that bad.  As much as it is an insult to be told I look like a guy......twice.

Moving on....


My blond hair faired much better!  At least they are all girls!  And some not too shabby ones either.  HOLLA!!  Even though I don't really see the resemblance at all...too bad....

Next up, the celeb that I get told often I favor the most.  At least she's not busted....

Good ol' Clueless star Alicia Silverstone.

This one I can see...she's the model version....even if she does have some weird feeding habits.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Journal Day #7

NOVEMBER 27, 2010

Hey babe!  I got your FuzziBunz X-Small newborn diapers today!  They are so small and cute and soft!  I cried a little :).  I really hope you're okay!  I have my first OB appt. on Friday but I just want to know you're okay...I love you!  We love you!  <3 Mom

Journal Day #6

NOVEMBER 26, 2010

We bought a lot of your cloth diapers today.  There was a Black Friday sale online that I had to snatch up!  Your teeny little heart started to beat today, baby!  How sweet and wonderful.  I am so glad you are finally here.  I have been waiting a long time for you!  Thank you for being conceived!  You're special.  Remember, Jesus loves you and created you and right now, He knows the plan for your life.  How calming it is to know you are in the big awesome hands of an extraordinary God.  Blows my mind!  I love you sweet thing.  Talk to you tomorrow!  <3 Mom

Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's Be Honest HFriday

Let's Be Honest...

It really burns my biscuit when I tell someone that my dream is to stay at home with my little boy and they respond, "Well, it's my dream to not work either but you do what you gotta do." I didn't say I wasn't going to work, I said I wanted to stay at home!!!!!!!!!! BIG DIFFERENCE! RAWR!!!

My stomach clenches into a tight little nauseating ball when I hear my son cough through the monitor at 3 AM.  Please don't wake up.  Please don't wake up.

I walked on the treadmill this week and did sit ups and push ups.  My stomach was so sore the next day I questioned if it was actually worth it...
Then, I saw a stupid Pinterest post about exercising, "One month from now, you are going to wish you started today."  CRAP!

This was my Spring Break week and I was able to hang out with Brody 24/7.  It was the first time in a very long time where I actually felt like a good mother.

I  almost never like the movie more than the book it's based after (Twilight, The Hunger Games, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

We are getting new flooring in our kitchen and dining room and I could do backflips I am so excited about it.

Brody's mobility is starting to scare the heck out of me and I am wondering how can I baby proof this whole house!  I wish I had an empty room so that he could crawl around and keep my mind at ease if I have to walk away for a minute.

I miss my blond hair like whoa...I don't miss the money spent or the roots 3 weeks later...

I finally realized I could look at the 'stats' of my blog.  I noticed some readers from Russia!  WHAT UP MY PEEPS?!  :)  Zdravstvujtye!  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

You Know You're a Mom (of a baby) When...

-you have knowingly gone out in public with spit up on your shirt.  After changing 3 times already, you just don't give a flip.

-a 'good hair day' is when your ponytail doesn't look half bad.

-you find puffs in every nook and cranny of your kitchen, car seat, high chair, ... bra...

-wonder why your arms don't look like Hulk Hogan's after lugging the car seat, diaper bag and your 10 pound mom purse wherever you go.

-have come to the realization that a snotty nose wins out over constantly trying to wipe the boogies with a tissue.
-you realize your shirt sleeve does much better and you think, 'well, I've got to wash it anyway...'

-you see other mom's with their screaming, fussy baby and you look at them with those sympathetic eyes but inside you're thinking, "Thank God that's not my baby right now."

-your baby is screaming at the store and you get sympathetic looks from other moms....

-you have mixed that nasty green pea puree with applesauce just so your baby will eat some form of vegetable today.

-you are halfway out of your neighborhood when you pull over after realizing you forgot to strap your baby in the car seat.

-the last 4 out of 5 google searches have been about your baby... examples: 'signs of teething,' 'why won't my 8 month old sleep through the night,' 'what medicine can I give my sick baby' (nothing), 'cute first birthday ideas,' 'pills for insanity' <that one's for me

**edited to add**
-your hair is STILL falling out in clumps and you wonder if that bald spot on your hair line will ever grow back.
-instead of having Billboard's Top 40 stuck in your head, you've got every ever lovin' song from your kid's toys on repeat...

-you think your baby is the cutest little person you have ever seen.  (And you're right)

What can you add to the list?  You know you're a mom when...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Journal Day #5

NOVEMBER 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!  I thought about you a lot today.  Brian announced to his parents that you were on your way!  WOO HOO!  You will be their 5th grand baby!  You will be the first on my side!  I hope you <3 the beach as much as your dad and me.  He's a surf bum at heart. :)  Maybe you will be too.  I can't wait to see you! Mom < I <3 that...

Thanksgiving Day and just a few weeks pregnant! 

Want to read more?  'Dear Baby' under LABELS. :)

Journal Day #4

NOVEMBER 24, 2010

It's so late baby!  You had your first road trip today!  All the way to PA to visit your dad's grandparents (your great-grandparents) for Thanksgiving.  I give God thanks for you.  I hope you're developing properly.  My book said today is a big step.  Somites are forming which is the foundation for your structure.  I/We will always ALWAYS love you! <3 *I think i am gaining weight too quickly.  My belly's already fat!

Easter Celebrations!

We had a great Easter weekend.  I had Good Friday off of work so I was able to stay home and snuggle with Brody all day.  Brian got off work early so we celebrated by getting ice cream at a local parlor in town, then a quick trip to Lowe's to get some flowers and cleaning essentials.  It was a fun and relaxing evening.  On Saturday morning, Brian did a 5K and I stayed home with the babes (yes, I should have done the 5K too.  I am lazy).  Then, we watched a movie in bed while I ate breakfast (Brody was napping) and it was soooo nice.  Then, we headed to the lake to finish off the weekend.  Brody went on a boat ride and fell asleep in my mom's arms.   :) We went to Saturday night Easter service and my parents, Brian's parents and his bro and sis n law + kids all came to celebrate Jesus' resurrection!  Brody decided to celebrate by waking up  screaming like a wild man at 2 am.  Oh boy.  Well, he slept until 8:45 so I must give him some credit.  We had a big breakfast courtesy of Brian's mom, the kids went on an Easter egg hunt and then after Brodster went down for a nap, Brian and I FINALLY got to go see The Hunger Games.  I might have a review on that later.  I was so excited! :)   We ended by having a nice early dinner and headed on home.  Here's a picture montage for your viewing pleasure. :)  I am not going to caption 40 pics because they are pretty self-explanatory.