Friday, April 6, 2012

Let's Be Honest HFriday

Round two...

Let's Be Honest...

I just might still wear maternity pants on a regular basis.  I can fit back in to my old jeans, but you have no idea how comfortable maternity pants are until you try them!  And these pants aren't jeans, they are more like thin, black cotton sweats that make me feel like I am going to work in my pajamas.  A good day is had when I wear these pants to work.  :)

Brody has more clothes than I do.  And they will only last him 6 months.  It is so hard not to buy him cute things at the store!  I always justify it by thinking, "Well, I'm not buying it for myself so it's okay."  Like, it wouldn't effect my bank account since I was buying for someone else.... Seriously though...his closet is PACKED wall to wall with 3-6/6-12 month clothes AND I just finished laundering his clothes from the past two weeks and haven't put them away yet.

I am terrified to fail.  My whole life I have tried to do my best at everything and please everyone along the way.  While that's not such a bad thing, it constantly makes me feel like I could have done more or it wasn't good enough.  I did hair for a while.  I really liked the concept of it and it came pretty easily but I was scared. to. death. going to work everyday.  I would ask my customers no less than 5 times if they liked their hair, could I do anything differently, were they sure, don't be afraid to tell me if I need to change anything, is it straight enough, have enough volume, the right length, the right color.....I mean, for real, y'all.  It was like that....I developed IBS because of the stress I felt to perform perfectly.  I would start every morning in the 'powder room' with my stomach in knots.  I would cry on my way to work almost everyday.  And this was only 1.5 years of my life.  I am like this in all areas and have been since elementary school, scared to tell my parents about my first bad grade on my report card... :sidenote: This is also another reason why I am scared to take a teaching position because I will devote all of my free time to trying to be the absolute best teacher ever--searching blogs and other resources, downloading games, going to the dollar store every week to get some stupid craft supplies, buy my kids pencils and erasers, etc.  I am so scared I will lose my identity as a mother and wife because I can't give 100% of myself in one area and not expect the others to be lacking...

Box macaroni and cheese is just not good when you mix real macaroni noodles and the Kraft cheese mix.  Don't try it.  Just stick with the box in its entirety.  Kraft knows what it's doing.

Last Sunday, I did six loads of laundry. SIX!!!  And guess what?  Almost a week later, the folded clothes are still sitting in the laundry basket.  At least they're folded!

Today has the potential to be the best day ever.  It's Good Friday, it's the first day of my Spring Break, and Brian said he is getting off very early today (3 hours early!) woohoo!

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