Thursday, April 12, 2012

You Know You're a Mom (of a baby) When...

-you have knowingly gone out in public with spit up on your shirt.  After changing 3 times already, you just don't give a flip.

-a 'good hair day' is when your ponytail doesn't look half bad.

-you find puffs in every nook and cranny of your kitchen, car seat, high chair, ... bra...

-wonder why your arms don't look like Hulk Hogan's after lugging the car seat, diaper bag and your 10 pound mom purse wherever you go.

-have come to the realization that a snotty nose wins out over constantly trying to wipe the boogies with a tissue.
-you realize your shirt sleeve does much better and you think, 'well, I've got to wash it anyway...'

-you see other mom's with their screaming, fussy baby and you look at them with those sympathetic eyes but inside you're thinking, "Thank God that's not my baby right now."

-your baby is screaming at the store and you get sympathetic looks from other moms....

-you have mixed that nasty green pea puree with applesauce just so your baby will eat some form of vegetable today.

-you are halfway out of your neighborhood when you pull over after realizing you forgot to strap your baby in the car seat.

-the last 4 out of 5 google searches have been about your baby... examples: 'signs of teething,' 'why won't my 8 month old sleep through the night,' 'what medicine can I give my sick baby' (nothing), 'cute first birthday ideas,' 'pills for insanity' <that one's for me

**edited to add**
-your hair is STILL falling out in clumps and you wonder if that bald spot on your hair line will ever grow back.
-instead of having Billboard's Top 40 stuck in your head, you've got every ever lovin' song from your kid's toys on repeat...

-you think your baby is the cutest little person you have ever seen.  (And you're right)

What can you add to the list?  You know you're a mom when...

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