Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Beginning

***I started a blog under a different name and decided to start fresh with this one.  Here is a little background information about me and my pregnancy.  This was written when I was 28 weeks preggers.
So...where to begin...How about at the the beginning?  I have been married for almost 5 glorious years to the funniest, nicest guy ever.  EVER.  I was pretty set on marrying him within the first week we started hanging out.  He said he felt the same way.  About 2 years later, when we graduated college, we did.  I would have loved to start a family right away but I wanted to start a new career path and we wanted to spend some time together and really get a feel for married life.  Then, after a couple years when we thought we were ready to have kids, I decided to change careers again!  Who would have thought that, me-the lover of children and all things mommy/baby/housewife, would cause our delay in procreating!  I was sad but knew that it was in the best interest of our future baby to wait until life was a little more stable.  A couple more years of school and a new job later, here I am with a soccer ball for a stomach.  And it. is.            .  Fill in the blank.  Awesome. Painful.The Best Thing Ever. Scary. Exciting. Emotional. Nerve-wracking. Depressing.Lovely.  ETC.  Can you tell that I am hormonal?  I feel as though as I have been so blessed during this pregnancy.  What you would call a 'one-pager' in the OBGYN medical file.  A completely normal, healthy pregnancy so far.  I had barely any nausea at all in the early stages to which I am grateful, but on a completely selfish note-I wish that I would have upchucked like the rest of 'em because that only started the weight gain from the get-go.  I was hungry ravenous.  I ate like a banchee and did moderate exercise.  I was tired all the time so my trips to the gym slowed and then so did my desire.  Now, I feel like a freaking whale.  This is my blog so I can be as self-deprecating as I want. So there.  Continuing...a freaking whale.  It's my own dagblasted fault and I can change the situation if I wanted to but here I am lying on the couch, eating Cheez-Its while I am waiting for dinner to cook in the oven.  My self-esteem has gotten pretty low and while I love my growing belly (and the baby boy inside of it), I hate what it is doing to the rest of my body.  Lumpy tree trunks for legs along with the connect-the-dots acne going on all up on this, I am just a pity party mess.  Brian reassures me all the time, BUT that doesn't change my mindset.  It doesn't help when people tell me 'You must be having a butt pregnancy because your stomach is so small, but....' Keep your comments like that to yourself people!  I don't mind the 'Your belly's getting bigger' comments at all because it's supposed to be!  But my butt on the other hand....Enough of this crap....
I am sooooo excited to hold my sweet little Brody Lee in my arms and watch him grow up to be a surfer or soccer player or whatever he wants, but I just KNOW that he is going to be great at whatever he does.  I want such great, life-changing things for this kid.  And I have faith that God will follow through, I can feel it down to my toes. 
A shot of me pregnant:

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