Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hey there!--a little update and pics of Brody's room!

Wow, I was on a roll there for a while and then it seems I dropped off the face of the planet!  I had a really busy weekend and then have been WORKING so any free time I have I am either feeding the babes or playing with him!  He is so much fun and sure does love his mama!  I love seeing his smile when I come pick him up and I have so much fun tickling him, singing to him, doing baby exercises and just listening to him laugh!  He is such a great baby and I can only hope my proceeding little tykes are just as great!
My teacher is going to be out of the classroom for the rest of the week so that means substitute!  It always makes me nervous because in the past that meant that I teach the whole day because the sub has no idea what's going on.  Problem is, it will only be my 4th day back and I am still trying to get used to the newness of everything!  Luckily this sub was a previous 3rd grade teacher so I hope she's on the ball!  I have been so exhausted when I get home!  I used to wake up between 9:30-10 and now I wake at 6!  That is sooooo early!
Well, how about I make up for my absence and talk about Brody's nursery and throw some pics in there with it!  A blog is always better with pictures!  We decided to go for a 'surfer boy' theme because if you know my hubs, you know that he is in love with surfing and everything that goes with it!  He is definitely a water boy and I think Brody is too-that's why he wanted to swim for 10 days past his due date!  ...Almost everything in B2's room is either handed down or handmade.  I have two nephews, both 5 now, and it is great to be able to borrow bedding, bookshelves, clothes and a crib AT NO COST!  Best sis-in-law's ever!  Well, here's some pics to pique your interest:
pre-tiki roof

post tiki roof!  Brian made this!  SO HANDY I tell ya!

up close of the hand-painted sign Brian made :)

Brian added palm tree lights around the thatch roof for Brody's nightlight

up close of the bedding
to the left of the bed-bookshelf via sis in law, also framed record albums from her as well

I painted the letters to match the bedding (kind of) and then put up pics from my pregnancy
up close

above the valance-painting my sis in law made and gave as baby gift :)
changing area-glider courtesy of SIL, dresser and mirror from college

Brody's first time in his room!
sign I had made for his door to match the bedding

this is to the right of the crib-beach pic taken while I was pregnant
a view into his closet--doesn't look like this now-no strollers/carseat...now baskets of blankets and hamper and LOTS more clothes!  storage up top holds his bigger clothing (3-6, 6-9, 9-12+)

bookshelf from somewhere...

My dad holding little guy :)

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