Saturday, November 12, 2011

Call Me Crazy

...but I miss being pregnant.  I think I already have that 'amnesia' that people always talk about where you forget the pain of labor and and all the sleepless nights and are ready to have another baby.  I am already there.  Right after Brody was born, I was considering keeping him at only child status.  But now that I am more comfortable in my motherly skin, I want moooooore!!  I love lovin' on my baby!  I would not be upset in the least if I got pregnant again so quickly.  I mean, my body would have no chance of ever going back to its original form but I would be okay with that.  I loved being pregnant.  It didn't hurt that Brody's pregnancy was super easy.  I miss feeling the baby kick and knowing that I was sustaining a sweet little life inside of me.  It's a great feeling.  Don't get me wrong, I want to enjoy every second with my fresh out of the oven little baby, but I've got lots of love to give.  I am hoping we win the lottery so we can have as many rugrats as we can afford!  Barefoot and pregnant---that's the life.  The Duggars got it going on!

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