Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good Day

EDIT** I added a picture of the locket down below....
This is going to show up as the 6th even though it's still the 5th in my eyes because it's past midnight.  Can you believe it?  I have a 3 month old son and I am staying up past midnight!  Night owl!!  I just wanted to write a quick post to document some things.  We spent the day cleaning out the garage and getting a lot of stuff moved to storage to do a yard sale in the future.  I also cleaned some furniture to sell on craigslist.  Just trying to think of as many ways to get some moolah saved up!  Well, anyway...we went to Saturday night church and this was the first time we checked Brody in at Cove Kids!  I wanted to keep him with us, but a special speaker (Joe Sangl) was there to talk about giving and the importance of frugality and saving your money.  I wanted to be 'all ears' so we decided to check him for the first time.  The message was soooo good and I am glad I was able to pay attention the whole time.  When we picked up B2, a guy was holding him and said he was pretty good but got a little fussy. :(  He was probably a tired little guy.  Well, afterwards, the big fam (me, B, B2, Brian's parents, Kristen, Andy, and their 2 kids -my niece and nephew)  went to Showmar's for dinner.  Then, I received a gift so sweet and thoughtful I cried.  My MIL and SIL knew I was upset about going back to work so they got me a B&BW antibacterial hand gel in a sparkly holder to keep the kids germs at bay ANNNNNNND, get this---a locket.  A beautiful silver locket with Brody's pictures in it.  I still can't get over how sweet that was!  I will have to post a picture of it when I get a chance.  I love my family.

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