Friday, November 4, 2011

Brody's Two Month Update

Brian and I have started to get used to being parents.  It's funny how your mind, body, and heart adjust so quickly to this new addition to life.  We love him more and more each day as his personality continues to develop.  He is an absolute joy. 

Brody-at two months, you:
- definitely don't fit into newborn clothes anymore. :(
- had your first night away from mom and dad for their 5 year anniversary.  Nana and Papa stayed with you at our house.  You were 6 1/2 weeks old. 
- smile and coo alllll the time!  We LOVE it and try so hard to make you happy!
- started the BabyWise feeding schedule (eat, wake time, sleep) at 5 weeks.
- have been sleeping through the night regularly since then (with one feeding early morning and then dropping that too).
- wear your hazelwood/amber necklace to help with acid reflux/spit up.
- your acne has gotten a lot better.
- loooooove the swing.  You take most of your daytime naps in it.
- love your play gym too.  You love Mr. Octopus. 
- have visited the mountains for cousin Ben's 5th birthday.
- went on a ride in OUR boat for the first time.
- laugh when we pull/wiggle your arms and legs.
- hold your head up pretty well when we hold you.
Riding on our boat.  You were sooo tired.  You fell asleep shortly after this.

A picnic lunch at the park on our 5 year anniversary

love that smile!
play time!

Here you are with your doggie at 2 months:
October 10th, 2011
And then you fell over

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