Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ever Have One of Those Days Where You Feel Like a Million Bucks?

Today is not that day.  It was a
-sleep in until the last possible second even though you know you are still going to be late for work,
-take the fastest shower known to mankind all while trying to keep your balance and your eyes open,
-with a ponytail up because there is no way your hair is looking cute,
-throw on the only semi-unwrinkled pants you own (hello10pairsofpantswaitingtobeironed) that you bought at Goodwill to transition from maternity to normal, with a fit that is akin to a frumpy, loose, saggy grandma butt and just shy of being highwaters,
-eat half the candy you bought for your kids reward bowl,
-try to sleep while pumping,
-going to bed after dinner

kind     of      day

thanks brody....

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