Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
First time linking up with to join in on the It's OK Thursday link-up!

It's OK...that I have been blogging for a long time and still don't know how to post someone's button on my sidebar or link a photo to website. (thus the reason for the link and no picture above)  **EDIT:  Thanks to Anna Lizbeth, I know how to now!  Woohoo!

It's OK...that I have done full hair and make up this entire week and have hardly gone anywhere (read:grocery store, Goodwill, fundraiser at the Y, and a cooking class at church).

It's OK...that while I have had full hair and make up, I have been wearing yoga pants and old T-shirts from high school.

It's OK...that I bought Christmas decorations from Michael's and TJ Maxx this weekend and am a little too excited to put them up.

It's OK...that Christmas is 2 months away and haven't even thought about buying gifts yet.

It's OK...that this post will have no pictures because of my predicament.  Help!

It's OK...that I will spend Friday night completely alone (except for Brody, but he can't save me from a burglar!)  because my husband is going to his brother's school in the mountains to dress as a zombie and scare their students at their haunted house.

It's OK...that we bought our son a swing and now he is deathly afraid of it.

It's OK...that we also bought him a wagon and he LOVES it.  #itallevensoutintheend

It's OK...that we have had our windows open all week and it is my favorite to listen to the birds while drinking my cup 'o joe...  #80sinoctober

I could keep going, but I didn't want to bore you.  OH! Here's one last one:

It's NOT OK...that my kid crapped himself in his crib on Monday and discovered how to take off his pants and diaper...yeah, that happened....




  1. totally okay to be excited about christmas decorations! I just got some from hobby lobby! :)

    When you are writing your post there is the option on the left hand side for compose or HTML you click HTML and then at the bottom you paste the code that you have copied from the website that you are linking up with (the code will be below their button) Hope that makes sense! Goodluck!

    1. Fabulous! Thanks!
      And the day after Thanksgiving, you better believe my silver candles and mini Christmas trees will be going up! :)