Monday, December 5, 2011

This is my grown up Christmas list

Okay, so I thought I would just put a compilation of items that I thought would be nice to have for Christmas, birthday, special occasion, etc.  This may help family members who are wondering what I like/am interested in.  Sometimes I wish I knew specific things my family actually wanted instead of playing the guessing game and buying something last minute that I am not sure if they will like or not.  :)

1.  A TREADMILL-not necessarily this one (just pulled an image from google) but one that shows time, calories, distance and has an incline.  Simple.  Got to get this butt in gear and running at home would be easiest with the colder weather and a sweet little one.

2.  A FREEZER-An upright one so things don't get buried and lost like a chest freezer.  I plan on making Brody's baby food so it would be nice to have some extra room.  Not to mention being able to go to Sam's Club to buy bulk freezer items and having some place to actually put them!

3.  A SEWING MACHINE-Just a simple, beginner sewing machine so I can get my fix of all the craft projects I have pinned on Pinterest!  Holy Cow!  I love having personalized clothes for Brody or making inexpensive but adorable tee's.  I saw these two at Wal-Mart.

4.  A CUTE SEWING BOX TO GO WITH IT! :) Also at Wal-Mart.

5.  This may seem silly, but sometimes I cannot bring myself to pay $8 for mascara or eyeliner or whatever.  So, I wait until my mascara is just about as dry as the Sahara and my eyeliner is completely gone.  These are the two I like.  In Black please!
Maybelline Full 'N' Soft (NOT waterproof)

CG Perfect Point Plus-Not the wooden pencil but click up kind.
6.  ANYTHING FROM BATH AND BODY WORKS.  I usually go in there when they have their Buy 2 Get 3 Free and am set for a long time.  But, it just so happens that I am running low on my lotions!  I pretty much love every scent.  I am not very picky.  And it doesn't have to be lotions-I like their antibacterial soaps and hand gels and their candles are pretty awesome too.  

7.  A CURLING IRON.  I have a skinny one but I would like a fat one also to polish my ends. :)
I guess an inch or more diameter. ??? 

And really, I think that's it.  I don't want to put random things that I just sorta want.  All of these things I either need or reeeeeeallllly want!  That's all!  Now, I'm off to search through every store wondering if you will like what I got you! :)

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