Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brody's 4 Month Update

***more pictures will be added later when I can find the USB cord!  I should learn to take pictures using 1 camera instead of 4!!!
Hello!  I am a little late posting B-Man's 4 month update.  This is due to the busy holiday season annnd his doctor's appointment wasn't until Tuesday and I wanted to post his stats!!
So here ya go B-diddle.  Your dad and I are completely enthralled with you.  We still act like fools to get you to smile and guess what?! You reward us with laughter now and it makes my heart stop.  Love hearing that sound!  I am so thankful for the way you have blessed my life.  What's new with you?

At 4 months, you:
- are 26" long (the 90th percentile) and weigh 14 lbs. 5 oz. (the 50th percentile).
- rolled over!  You did it once December 1st and then waited 6 days to show us again!  You still struggle with it sometimes, but that's okay!
- celebrated your first Thanksgiving!  You visited Virginia again and got to meet a lot of your extended family.  You are such a good traveler!  The car just lulls you right to sleep!
- adjusted so easily to the babysitter and not having your mom around during the day.  Bittersweet.  I still hope to spend my days with you in the future.  I still cry a lot at work (mostly when I am alone and looking at your pictures on my phone).
- are still wearing Small FuzziBunz diapers and on the smallest setting for BumGenius, but that may have to change soon.  You wear size 2 disposables whenever those are needed.
- wear mostly 3-6 month clothing.  You still wear some 3 month onesies but they are starting to pull down in the front.
- laugh a lot.  Just like mommy and daddy.
- still sleeping through the night.  About 9:30-8:30.
- are really starting to grab and hold on to stuff.  You are a lot more aware of your surroundings and are starting to figure things out.  Like you recently started spinning toy on your bouncer with little beads in it.  You stare at it and just spin and spin.
- love your Jumper, speaking of!  You spin around in it, touch all the toys attached, watch TV in it and stare at mom and dad when we eat.
- haven't started solids yet.  It might be a little while unless you tell us otherwise.  You are becoming more interested by watching us eat and making funny movements with your mouth and tongue!
- met your Uncle Stephen for the first time!!
- have started to bring your hands up and cover your eyes as soon as you start eating.  You always rub the back of your head before you fall asleep.
- got your first Christmas tree!

My how you've grown!! 
4 months old and so forlorn
cheer up!
pictures again, mom???! sheesh!
Daddy walked in and made me laugh!
and again
and again
Love you ham hock!

Our little family on Thanksgiving Day

My happy turkey!
First Thanksgiving!

wrapped up in your shark towel after bath time, one of your favorite things!

blue eyed boy!

noticing your toesies!


rubbing your head as you fall asleep

You make my heart melt!


Sleeping in the crib at Great Grandma's in VA

Resting after trying really hard to roll over

Blurry pic, but you LOOOVE your Jumper!




Holding that head up high!

Hello Handsome!

Proof that it's not always peachy!  But you're still cute anyway!

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