Friday, January 13, 2012

My name is Jessica. And I am addicted to Pinterest...


Oh my goodness people!  If you have not checked out Pinterest yet, you should!  You MUST!   Especially if you are a woman (no offense lone male reader, aka: dad).  This site is the!  First, it lets you peruse through other people's pins that you follow because you have similar interests.  Then, you can search by specific categories or type in 'weddings, 'babies,' 'felt flowers,' etc in the search bar.  Like, I LOVE the Crafts/DIY category, so I am able to look through all of the crafty things every other Pinterester pinned.  A 'pin' is just when you are reading someone's blog or looking at a recipe online and you say, 'giggidy...that cheesy enchilada recipe is right up my alley' you can 'pin it' to your electronic pin board and it is saved for you.  So a week later, when you decide to make it, you go to your Pinterest pin board, click on the pin and it will take you to that website again.  It's pretty much like bookmarking everything you have ever wanted.  Just do it.  It's not hard.  Well, I have tried to spend more time finally doing some of the projects instead of just ogling over all of them online.  So, I thought I would show you my Pinterations....???  Things I have created via the big P:
A work in progress.  Little did I know that tying strips of fabric and ribbon to a wreath form would take 40 bajillion hours.  This is put on hold until next year so I don't get arthritis!

Halloween bunting

the other side

Fall bunting I hung from the windows (just scrapbook paper and twine)

button art...couldn't find lots of orange buttons so I just spray painted them.  My grass was festive and orange for a week!

Not really from Pinterest, per say, but just being crafty--printed this off onto an iron-on sheet and pressed it on his shirt.

got inspired and bought some fabric

saw this picture so I copied it

this one too

made the flowers and glued them on for Christmas

Heat 'n' Bonded the Christmas tree and embroidered his name by hand

not the best work but it was my first time!

Christmas bunting--super easy and makes the windows look pretty

tie applique

This is the only pic where you can kinda see the 'winter' iron-on transfer--it's an ornament with a snowman and his name underneath.  I just love anything with his name or initials on it.

Inspired to set up a crafting station so I can have things easily accessible.  

My first sewing project---wonky but whatever! Brodiddly loves it!

Covered a cork board with fabric to 'pin' things that  inspire me.  Pretty much, Pinterest in real life.

This stinks because I never took a picture of the end result.  These are frames I painted, added ribbon, then put hooks underneath and a felt flower on the top corner for my nieces to hang their hair accessories on.  I also made felt flowers  with hair clips and elastic hair bands to attach them too.  Kind of proud of it and don't even have a pic!  Oh well!

Really, I know I am supposed to source all of these, but that would take forever, can follow me! Ummm, so I was going to put a cute "Follow me on Pinterest" pin on my sidebar, but once I searched via google and there was this technological jargon with words like 'embed' and 'codes' and 'javascript' I thought, 'nope. not worth it.' So, just ask me and I'll tell you, k? :)

And if you have anymore questions about it, go here.

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