Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well, guys-it's one week in to the new year and yeah......haven't switched completely to a vegan diet and haven't exercised every day.  While I FULLY support eating a vegan diet, I think I need to slowly transition into it due to breastfeeding, whereas before I cut out everything cold turkey.  This is due to the fact that I have noticed a decrease in my milk supply because I was eating such a high calorie diet and then switching right into beans, veggies and salad.  There were a couple of days there where I might have consumed 1200 calories but probably less.  Also, I felt like my body was going through withdrawal which is normal because processed foods are like an addiction and had no energy.  I knew this wouldn't always be the case but it's hard to be so tired and give your baby all the time he needs.  Plus, I didn't purge all of our food that was not vegan friendly.  I am trying really hard not to waste money on food and I would feel foolish to throw away a carton of organic eggs or a full box of pancake mix for the cause.  SO, I plan on adjusting slowly and when things run out, replace them with healthier options.  I am trying to eat healthier overall though.  Incorporating lots more salads, beans and fruit smoothies and minimizing the meat intake (chicken and eggs).  I feel better about my food choices now than I did one week ago and that's what it's all about.  Making small changes for the better.  A marathon not a sprint.  Here is my 'tip' for you though.  While it may not be possible to eat a 100% organic diet while on a budget, there are certain foods I would suggest you splurge on.  I found this nifty printable from that has a list of 'the dirty dozen' and 'the clean fifteen.'  You may have heard of this before.  The dirty dozen are the foods that you should really try to buy organic because they have the highest level of pesticides.  The clean fifteen have the lowest level and are safer to buy non-organic.

If you click here, it will take you to the PDF printable.  Keep it in your wallet as a reminder when you go to the grocery store.  It looks like this:

Just here to help!  Cheers to healthful living!

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