Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pay It Forward

I know I said I am moving to wordpress, but I am a procrastinator and I wanted to post this.  :)
Yesterday evening I was in a hurry, exiting Wal-Mart as quickly as I could so that I could only be 20 minutes late to Life Group instead of 30 since I was providing dinner.  Well, it was misty out, Brody was in his front carrier and as I was trying to unfasten him from my chest and set him in his car seat, a dad and his elementary-aged son stopped and said, "Ma'am, we see you have your hands full and we would like to put your groceries away for you."  I was shocked!  Kindness at Wal-Mart?  Who'da thought?!  I graciously accepted and he and his son unloaded my piled high cart into my trunk.  He said he saw my church magnet on the back of my car and said his grandma went there.  I thanked him about a gazillion times and he set off with my cart to get those everyday low prices.  I felt so uplifted by that act of kindness and whispered to Brody, "People are good."  And what a good example he was setting for his son.  I hope that I will have an opportunity to pay it forward-whether it be to another mother with her hands full or a random in the drive-thru behind me.  Let's spread the love and kindness people!

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