Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy 5 Months Brody!

Oh my gosh!  You went from infant to baby right before our eyes.  You have grown up so much this past month, I can't believe it!  So many things happened at once and now you are a little man!  You still bring us so much joy and are getting cuter and cuter by the day!  We love you so much and couldn't imagine life without you!
Here's how you've grown...
- seem to have gotten longer because some of your 3-6 month pjs are getting tight on your toes!
- still LOVE your bouncer.
- drool and chew on
- grab for things.  If anything is put in front of your face, you reach for and pull it to your mouth! :)
- seem right hand dominate.  If you are sitting up and something falls to your left, you still cross your right arm over your body to get it.
- celebrated your first Christmas!!  (which reminds me I need to blog about it!)  You got so much stuff!  People sure must love you!
- started waking up in the middle of the night again!!!! :(  Good thing it started the night I was off for Christmas break and pretty much ended the day I went back.  You would wake up sporadically throughout the night but were always comforted by your paci and would go back to sleep.  I think this is due to some ***milestones*** you hit just in the past couple weeks.
- ***started saying 'bababa' sometimes 'mmmmammma' and dadadada.' !!!!!  We absolutely love it!  And when you get really mad and want to go to bed, you say yell BA BA BA BA!  It makes me smile. :)
- ***roll almost completely over from your back to your belly.  The daggern arm gets in the way!  But this leads you to be a lot more mobile and if I set you down- 5 minutes later you are 180 degrees from where you were and have scooted off your play mat!
- ***not really a milestone, but you started to stick your tongue out! It's the cutest thing!  Last weekend daddy was doing it to make you laugh and you did it back!  Now whenever we do it or you are really happy, you stick it out!  Just like mommy showing the 'bullet' when she was little!
- ***started sleeping in your crib!!!  This made mommy soooo happy! I was so worried you were going to be attached to the swing for forever but New Year's Day, you were so tired and I just laid you in your crib with your blanket and soft minky and you went right to sleep.  I tried it again later and boom!  I try to lay you down there now every time.
- haven't started solids yet.  Still waiting...
-drink about 5 oz. a feeding.
- love your taggie blanket that I made you!  You crinkle it for a good 15 minutes before you tire of it.  (which is a long time baby-wise)
- are soooo squirmy.  Long gone are the days where we can just cuddle up with you.  You still love to be held but move around and look at everything going on.
- still can't sit up very well but we are working on it!
- you love your feet!  You love grabbing on to them and pulling them into your mouth!  It is precious!
- still think bath time is the best thing that has ever happened and you kick and splash with those long, chubby legs!

Your 5 month picture:
January 10, 2012

Now for some outtakes:
This time the blanket fell because you were sooo squirmy!!

Hey dad!

Peek a boo!
Some highlights:


Love this one!  Wish I would've thought of it sooner for our Christmas card!

You love bath time!  Especially when daddy puts every bath toy you own in there!

Such a big, strong boy!

Haha!  You fell asleep sucking on your finger!

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

Your new trick!

Taking a nap IN YOUR CRIB!

How did you get way over there?! Perpendicular to where I lay you down!

Your taggie blanket I made you

You are one cool dude!

My goodness that's a lot of presents!
Well, that about wraps up the past month!  Lots of learning going on!  Babies are amazing!  We love every second of parenthood!  It's easy with a little dude like you!
<3, Mommy

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