Monday, August 6, 2012

My Weekend in Photos

Sorry this is late.  I have been busy making things for the babe's b-day party!

Here we go...

So Friday evening started out awesome.  About 5 minutes down the road to the lake, I say, "Turn around.  I forgot my underwear!"  Who does that?  And I am not a commando type of girl.  Especially in jeans.  ouch.  So, we go back and get them.  After driving about 10 more minutes, I start making a list of the different pictures I want taken of Brody for his one year shoot.  "CRAP!!!" AHHHHHH!!"  "Brian, turn around.  I forgot Brody's diaper and I have to have it!"  So.  Again.  We turn around.  I grab the diaper and we leave.  I sigh, "Finally."

Another 10 minutes later.

"UGH!  I can't believe it! I forgot Brody's bathing suit and rash guard!"  But I just said FORGET IT! He had swim diapers at the lake house and we will just slather him with sunscreen.  So there.  That's how it started.  Good news is we picked up some Chick-Fil-A and then went on a night cruise.  My favorite!  Brody loves it too.

Just chillin'

Then Brody had a bath (another one of his loves) and went to bed.

This kid goes crazy as soon as you take his clothes off!

Bath Time!

Daddy's funny!

Silly guy!

We stayed up and watched Total Recall.  The old one.  Weird.

The next morning, Brian woke me up at 10:30 am.  He had already been awake for an hour, even went fishing(over achiever).  I had to make Brody's Smash Cake for his pictures and Brian wanted to run some errands.  So, we waited for Brody to get up.  And this happened.

Yes, my son is awesome.
Brody's lunch plate.  Hopefully Brody doesn't learn how to spell from the Chinese...

I wish I got a picture of the cake I made.  I can't believe I didn't.  Anyways, our photographer is also our friend so he (and his wife) came for a swim while Brody took his nap.  (Have I mentioned Brody is the best baby ever?)

And I didn't get any pictures of his shoot, but here's a preview of the outfit he wore :).

We went out to eat and Brody has his bath, then bed.

It seems I get the most pictures during his bath!

Sunday morning church.

Brody's nursery tag


My parents came to visit!!

My mom looks like a teenager.
love those legs!

And another boat ride.


I'll be sure to post Brody's pictures here as soon as I get them back!  I am so excited to see how they turned out!


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