Friday, August 3, 2012

Let's Be Honest

Hey! It's Friday!  woohoo!!  So let's talk...honestly...

--One week from today, my son will be a whole year old.  I think I am going to crawl in a corner and cry until it passes.

--I wish I actually knew how to do cool things on my blog.  I need to YouTube 'Blogging 101.'  I have no idea how to add new tabs up top, like 'Our Love Story,' or 'Brody's Birth Story,' or 'FAQ.'  Even though I don't have FAQ, but just for future's sake.  And I have no idea how to add a "Follow Me on Pinterest" button, or a link for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.  All I know how to do is write a new post and respond to comments.  Yep.  Just call me Technology Tammy....

--I got my first real follower (Arielle) this week.  Like, not my husband.  And people actually were commenting on my blog.  People I don't know.  Thanks girls!  It's an awesome feeling. :)

--It is impossible to keep the house clean.  Between the toys scattered from Brody's room to the living room, the 10 canisters of spices rolling around the kitchen floor, dried pieces of peas, carrots, hot dogs, puffs, graham cracker crumbs all around the carpet and dishes and a high chair that needs to be cleaned every meal, I can start to see how stay-at-home moms go crazy.  BUT!  My baby is the sweetest little boy and  loves crawling into mama's lap and giving kisses.  I will sit on the dirty floor for hours if it means sweet little boy kisses.

--I started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix this week.  I'm on the episode where Shepherd's wife just came back.  I'm hooked.

--Brian and I went to a concert Tuesday night and we rocked our socks off.  It was just him and me for a few hours and it was exactly what we needed.

--Brody's gets his One Year/family photos tomorrow.  I had to go to Target to buy a 'flowy' top (for myself) to help conceal my overflow....

--I wouldn't be sad or mad or upset if I got pregnant.  Actually, I would be freaking over the moon excited.  Shh...don't tell.  

And as we head to lake tonight where I promise to take more pictures, I leave you with this....
My sweet boy.  3 days old.  Still in the hospital.  Where does the time go?  

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  1. I recently started watching Greys on Netflix too and I'm soooo hooked! It gets so much better! Best $7.99 a month :)