Friday, February 24, 2012


So, pretty much the only peeps that read my blog are also my facebook friends and recently read about the perfection that was yesterday afternoon.  But there's only so much you can say in a status and I wanted to expound so that I can remember it fully.
Yesterday was unseasonably warm.  I'm talking mid-70s.  Have I mentioned it's FEBRUARY?!  Whoopee!  So, I knew that as soon as I picked Brody up after work, we would head to the park.  I had to go home and change because I was wearing a dress which isn't really compatible with rolling around on a blanket.  I also got a banana and a popsicle and we headed out the door.  First stop, SWINGS!  We took Brody the weekend before for the first time and he fell in love.  It was another warm day (followed by Brody's first snow...??? weird) so our little family went to the park.  Anyway, B swung, we walked and looked at the creek-breeze blowing and water flowing-so peaceful, we swung some more, lay on a blanket and watched the clouds go by, pulled grass up, played with chew toys and pacifiers.  A park worker came by and said, "Park's closing in 5 minutes."  :(  I packed up all of our stuff, hauled it/him to the car (why don't I have biceps of steel yet?) and as we drove out of the park, the worker closed the gate behind us.  Within two minutes Brody was conked out in the backseat.  I needed a couple things at the grocery store so I kept on driving and waited for Brody to wake up before going inside.  We were in and out in 5 minutes and Brian got home shortly after I did.  I made some super good tacos and Brian suggested we eat outside on the porch.  He brought out a candle and our iBoom to play some Jimmy Buffett tunes.  Seriously, soooo relaxing.  Brody was scooting all around the deck in his walker chair and when I finished eating, I scooped him up and slow danced to "A Pirate Looks At 50" and all was right in the world.  It may not sound like the perfect afternoon to you, but when surrounded with love, food and good music-how could it get any better? :)

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