Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stuff I Love Lately and Forever


Anything chevron, which is just a fancy of way of saying zigzag!

Light gray combined with yellow, turquoise, coral or mint.

Cropped boho shirts that make me think of Venice Beach, CA. 
 a la PacSun..

The Hunger Games.  Duh.

Scarves.  Light, springy ones to fancy up an outfit.

Coconut Passion from Victoria's Secret.  Smells like the beach...

Heavy bangs.  Still want to try it.  Still chicken.  Jennifer Garner can rock them because she has a really structured face---mine? round and squishy...


Chapstick.  Doesn't matter what kind, but I always have it available.  *In the bathroom drawer.  On the night stand.  In my purse.  In my car.  Obsessed.

Hair thingees (technical name) and bobby pins.  *see chapstick.

Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara.  Used this since high school.  I have mingled other mascaras in between, but this one is ol' faithful.
Flip flops, preferably Rainbows because of comfort but if I have to wear shoes it would be this kind.

Summertime and sunshine.  So I can wear my favorite foot apparel. :)  Oh and it is the best feeling in the world to have warm sunshine baking the bod whilst lying on the beach with a magazine.  Ben Harper's "She's Only Happy in the Sun," anyone?

That's all for now :)  Can you tell I am ready for warm weather???



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  1. LOVE the hunger games! I just finished book two!