Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Brody woke up 7 times between 1:15 and 5:45. (No idea what was wrong)
I couldn't go back to sleep because my stomach decided to feel extremely uneasy. (Great way to start the day)
Late to work. (What else is new?)
Substitute.  (Not too bad though)
Salad for lunch.  (All I have had in 11 hours)
Bus monitor after school. (Bus stop arm doesn't work mid-route.  Pull over and wait for help)
4:00 get back to school finally. (Stomach is FINALLY feeling somewhat better)
DMV to renew license.  ('nuff said)
I finally get to see a sight for sore eyes and pick up my Brian, JR. from the babysitter.  (Thanks for keeping him extra Shannon!)
Now, I am sitting outside listening to the birds scarfing down a banana and bagel with cream cheese patiently waiting for bed time....    

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