Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let's Be Honest Friday...Saturday...whatever

Let's be honest....

Rold Gold pretzels >* Snyders of Hanover.  Hands down....

I have forgotten to buy stamps at Wal-Mart/Harris Teeter for the past 2 months.  The bills are calling their name, "Stamps!  Mail Me!"  So, once again as I was walking back to my car from Wally World I realized that I had forgotten to buy stamps.  I figured I would unload my huge cart and go back in.  In the mean time, a car pulls up waiting to take my spot because it was a semi good one.  DILEMMA!!!  Do I tell them to move on, sista ain't done here?!  Do I forget the stamps and just go home?  "Mail me! Mail me!"  Crap!  What does this  Queen of Hearts do?  I get in my car, back out of my space, go down the aisle, and park again, go inside and buy my stamps.  I thought I would pay it forward... (-disregard the first sentence-)

Today is awesome.  I get a little chill time by myself.  The floor guys are putting in new flooring in our kitchen/dining area.  LONG OVERDUE!  AND I got a Keurig today!  HOLLAAAA!  It was a late Mother's Day present from my sweet husband who knows my love for Chai Tea Lattes.  Oh Yeah.

The Medela Pump and Save bags SUCK!  Sorry to use such foul language, but I couldn't put it any nicer!  Remember in my Products We Love post for 3-8 months and I mentioned that I was disappointed with Lansinoh milk bags?  The Medela ones are worse IMO!  They only store 5 ounces so if I pump a little more than that, I have to use another bag, the top has torn when I have tried to open it, AND THE WORSE PART--it is hard to close the seal when you are finished.  It just plays tricks on me!  I think that I have pushed hard enough and gotten it to lock together, only to have it come spilling out when I lay it down to date it!  Seriously, you think it's sealed and it's not!  This has happened a few times.  My girls aren't making what they used to and it is heartbreaking when any milk is lost.  The bags cost more too...grrrrrrrrr!

Kindles are the best.  It has definitely made me more of a nerd but I don't care!  Since purchasing it three weeks ago, I have read 2 1/2 books on it (with finishing a real book in between).  Can't get enough!  I like to read it while I pump so that it just takes a quick push to turn the page.


*In case you missed this lesson in second grade, whichever side has the alligator mouth is open to, that is the larger/greater number/thing....because the gator eats whatever is bigger....To get to the point-I LOVE ROLD GOLD! :)

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