Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brody's 6 Month Update!

It has been half a year,  HALF A YEAR, since you were born!  Holy Cannoli!  You are just a ball of pure joy and fun!  We love love love you so much and are so excited to see what the rest of your first year brings!  Your personality is starting to develop and you are just one laid back little dude man.  What have you done this month?

- weigh 16 lbs. 4 oz. (25th%ile) and are 27" long (75%ile).  Long and skinny.
- still wear 3-6 month clothing but can fit into the bigger sizes.
- still wear size 2 disposable diapers and size small cloth diapers.
- had your first really bad cold.  Runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing.  But guess what?  You were a champ through it all.  Such a good baby and we only had one night where you kept us up with coughing/waking up but you're paci would always do the trick for a little while.  I did have to take you to the doctor because I was concerned about your eyes being so gunky.  ew....
- are a rolling machine.  I can lay you on the ground and within 10 seconds you're on your belly.  Or, I will walk out of the room and when I come back in you are by the front door, or under the coffee table, or playing with the cords on the entertainment center (YIKES!)  Baby proofing will be underway shortly!
- started solids!  You tried avocados first and took right to it!  You love going for the spoon.  You were definitely ready!
- have...um...discovered your...doodad.  It gets your attention the most during bath time.  It makes us laugh so hard.
- have fallen asleep in your jumper!  I never thought that would happen!
- keep getting comments like, "He is such a happy baby," from people everywhere we go.  I'd like to contribute that to good sleep, a full belly and well, happy parents. :)
- can lay on your back and scoot back with your feet for about a foot. (But only when you get really excited)
- can extend your arms completely and butterfly kick your feet when on your belly.  I think you want to get moving so badly!
- still gnaw on everything.  No teeth yet though!
- are still breast milk fed 99% of the time, with formula thrown in there when we are out or driving down the road and it's not convenient to hike up the shirt...
- have tried the sippy cup.  You mostly like to chew on it but get water out every once in a while.
- are still wobbly when trying to sit up on your own.
- are starting to get M-A-D if I take something away from you.
- are so so so sweet.  You still don't mind being held and it always calms you down if you get upset.

Well, babes.  That about sums it up.  I try to give you kisses as much as possible and I still miss you every second I'm gone.  Daddy and I are working on it!  :)  I/We Love You So Much!  Couldn't imagine life without you.

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