Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Beach Bag

and other essentials....

Sorry I have been MIA!  I have been AT THE BEACH!!  My most favorite place in the world!!!  I thought that while Brody was napping, my hair was air drying, watching the last 30 minutes of Blind Side, and my toes were drying from a fresh coat of paint I would enlighten you on what are some lifesavers when it comes to beach and babies....

 First up in my bag:

Sunscreen.  Duh! 
There are many different brands.  I use Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50 but another more natural option for my crunchy mamas is California Babies.  I have heard great things about this product. :)  I prefer lotion over spray for his age.  While spray is faster, the mist makes me wonder if he is inhaling bad stuff.....typical over reactor...  Lather up!!

A cute hat! 
There are a few different kinds---a baseball cap, a sailor style hat, and then a hat that looks like a ball cap but has a flap that covers the sides of the face and back of the neck.  Needless to say, Brody has all three.  :)

A rashguard. 
This is just extra protection.  Also, it is so difficult to put sunscreen on a very mobile baby so the less lotion, the better.

Extra diapers and outfit.
This way when baby is done swimming, I can pull out a fresh, dry diaper and beach outfit so we can continue to play.

A quilt or a very large blanket.
I found this quilt at Wal-Mart for $20.  It is Queen size!!  A big blanket is awesome for your baby that likes to crawl around.  It gives him some moving room while staying out of the sand.

This should be a given but when your babes is done swimming but not ready for a nap, you can throw some toys on your quilt or in your goCrib (see below) and it will give you a few long minutes of catching some rays. 

Water and a snack.
Don't forget that it's hot outside and just like you get thirsty, so does your baby.  I always have a sippy cup available and a snack such as a banana and graham crackers.

And this can't fit in a beach bag, but it does shrink down into a backpack:  The goCrib.  Seriously worth the hefty price tag.  It comes in a backpack, inflates in mere minutes, and it weighs less than 10 pounds.  So, we blew it up on the first day and Brian was able to just pick up the inflated crib, carry it back to the house and then carry it back to the beach the next day-all while carrying his beach chair on his back and Brody in one arm.  Also, since this is on the beach it gives you time to relax.  I put toys in there and he is confined and safe for a solid hour.  He even took a 2 hour nap in it.  Precious time for mama to put her feet in the water, lay back and relax.

The standard goCrib
The additional shade you can purchase to protect from rays when you don't have an umbrella or tent.
 Now what kind of spokeswoman would I be if I didn't show you these products in action? :)  And a cute baby to boot! 

Rash guard and baseball cap
Sailor hat and post swim outfit---it was a little chilly on this trip

Flappy hat :)  

Sleeping Babe in goCrib- Exhibit A

Sleeping Babe- Exhibit B
playing with his toys

put it all together now!


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