Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life Changes

This past week marked Brody's 10 month and the closing of a chapter in my life.  I am sure by now that you know how desperately I have wanted to stay home with my son.  You also know my financial woes and sadness for leaving the sweet children and connections to the school.  Well....I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.  Once it was mentioned, a light bulb went off and Brian and I agreed quickly that this might just be the answer to our prayers.  Are you ready? <insert drumroll>

I am going to be a substitute teacher!  Not what you were thinking?  Well listen to this--by being a sub. I can choose the days that I work.  By knowing lots of teachers at my school and having great 'hook-ups,' I will be able to plan ahead most of my sub. jobs.  This can then be coordinated with the babysitter ahead of time.  I could also say, "Hey--Keep Mondays open for spur of the moment jobs.  Assume that I am working but I will call you if I'm not."  Mondays and Fridays are very high traffic days for subs.  I could work about 2-3 days a week or a solid 2 weeks and then have two weeks off with Brody.  I will get paid a decent amount, enough to cover insurance plus some, and if I find that we need more money then I can work more.  All of the repeat substitutes I have talked to said that they could get a sub. job every day of the week if they wanted to, twice over sometimes. This will also help me keep connections to my friends, students, and administrators so that when I do decide to come back as a full-time teacher, it will be much easier and I will have lots of references.  I am really excited about the changes and the ability to hang out with my son!  Dream come true!!!

That being was very bittersweet leaving the classroom Monday afternoon.  Kids gone.  Desks piled up and moved.  Barren walls.  I took one long last look, felt a little tightness in my throat and closed the door.  I'll be back.  :)


  1. One of my good friends subs so she can be home with her boys a few days/week. She loves it!!

  2. Can I just say that I totally freaked when I saw you comment on my blog! LOVE your blog!!