Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Brody's 13 and 14 month update

I have had this post written for a while, but have held off posting due to gathering pictures.  Brody will turn 15 months, so I thought I'd better post this before it's too late!  This past month and next month will be in a December post.  Also, I may only do updates every couple months now.  Not that his milestones are any less significant, but I'm getting busier and busier!

My dear baby boy,

It seems since you've turned one, the weeks have flown by.  It has been an adjustment since the beginning, but I feel like we know each other pretty well now.  Yet, you constantly surprise me with how much you have learned!  You are just about to leave the baby stage and become mommy's toddler.  You aren't walking yet, but I definitely see it in your near future.  You love for us to hold your hands and walk you all around the house.  You laugh so hard and stomp your feet up and down, trying to get your balance just right.  You have started to try and stand on your own by releasing your grip on the couch or my pant leg.  It doesn't last long and you plop on the ground (gracefully), but you're getting close!  I have a feeling that you are going to be one that will climb out of your crib the second you're big enough to do so.  Because you are brave.  And it scares me to death!  You climb on everything!!!!!  You can't walk, yet I will watch you climb onto a skateboard up to your little rocking chair, stand up, then squat back down, turn around, climb back down on the skateboard and crawl away.  Really, baby?  REALLY?!  You have started to climb on and off the couch all on your own, so I have to be extra careful if I leave the room for a minute.  Oh!  And you climb out of the bath tub too.  Your dad watched you do it and then out you came, crawling around the living room soaking wet and butt naked! "I"M FREEEE!!"  What a little ham you are!

Remember how you only had one itty bitty tooth popping through by your first birthday?  Well, now you have a grand total of FIVE teeth!  And it never seemed to bother you!  Hallelujah!  With those chompers, you have been eating lots and lots of food!  There isn't a food that you have tried that you don't like.  Lemons, cucumbers with vinegar, pinto beans, cheese puffs, potato soup, peas, tilapia, spaghetti...You love everything.  And since your first birthday, you have had your fair share of PB&J's.  And we can't forget bananas.  You have a love affair with those!  I break off a piece, hand it to you, and you just laugh and say, 'nana.'  Sweet thing.  We have started to give you baby spoons and forks to use and you love it!  You make a huge mess, but you're learning.

Just like you eat us out of house and home like a teenager, you sleep like one too.  I have been blessed with such a great sleeper!  You sleep at least 12 hours at night, most times more.  And you usually have a good 2-3 hour nap during the day.  Sometimes an extra 1 hour nap later in the day, if you feel like it.  You never fuss at nap time.  Even if you don't sleep, you'll be content to just rest and talk to your pacifier for a good 45 minutes while I get stuff done around the house.  The only thing is, you hardly sleep in the car anymore.  You have to be extremely tired and cry for a good 5 minutes before you pass out.  I guess you know your crib is your comfy night night place and you don't like change.

You are a boy after my own heart because you love to dance.  And rock out to music.  Not kidding--anytime we enter a store and there's music playing, you automatically starting nodding your head and pumping your fists in the air, and jerking that shoulder up and down.  Even when you wake up in the morning, I pick you up and you point to the radio and do this funny questioning noise, 'huh?' and I turn on the alternative station and we rock out.  You even crawl up to the CD player in the living room and know which button to push to make your favorite Dirty Heads CD play.

Right now, you are totally, totally, totally in love with buttons and wheels.  Buttons on the remote, on the house phone, on your books and toys, buttons on shirts, buttons on the fan, buttons on the ATM machines at the store.  Wheels on the car, wheels on your stroller, wheels on your toys, steering wheels.  You will turn your push toys over and just spin the wheels.  I could set you in my lap in the driver's seat of the car and you would play with the steering wheel, jerking it back and forth, for 30 minutes with a big ol smile on your face.  And then scream bloody murder if I tried to pull you away.  You are serious about your wheels.

While you still love to be held, you are definitely Mr. Independent.  You know what you want and you always want it RIGHT NOW.  You point and cry if it's out of your reach until mama gets it for you.  You are recognizing environmental print, so you know what the graham cracker box and cheese puff bag looks like and you will be Mr. Meltdown if you don't get it.  Even if you just had lunch!  And I can tell the difference between your, 'Mommy help me, I'm hurt!' and 'Gimme that NOOOOOW!' cries.

You babble and talk to yourself all the time.  You say mama, dada, nana (for banana), uh oh, nose, our (flower), out, and your try real hard to say diaper.  You stare at my mouth when I try to teach you new words and you usually respond with random sounds, but the correct syllables.  You are just so darn cute and you probably say bababa 100 times a day.

I also need to mention that you no longer breastfeed.  The last day you nursed was actually your 1st birthday, August 10th.  That was the day I got extremely sick and had strep throat.  We were only down to nursing once first thing in the morning and even that was only lasting for about 10 minutes.  I loved that time though.  I would bring you in the bed with me and it seemed to be the only time of day where you would still snuggle with me.  After getting sick, I took a few days off and when I tried to nurse again, you were not interested at all.  You even bit me!  I knew right then and there that our time together was over.  I still miss it so much.  But you chose for it to end, and I'm following your lead!

Now for the pictures.  I stopped taking pictures of him in the chair....

You can see his teeth coming in!

Looks like his 18 month PJs are still too big...

Did this all by himself...stuck in his drum


Pushed the turtle over and tried to climb up the cabinets

And you try to climb in the bath tub yourself...

And out of it...

You do NOT like the swings anymore

But you are still a very happy guy :)

Lowe's trips are fun

And you love Hap's cheeseburgers

Trips to IKEA make you just as giddy as mommy

You had so much fun at Tiger World

and the pumpkin patch.

We have had so much fun and we are so excited to see how much cooler you get!  Love you baby boy!

 <3, Mommy

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