Friday, November 2, 2012

Ghosts of Halloween's Past and Present....

We love Halloween.  We get excited about the candy and dressing up.  The parties.  The people.  We don't ever think of the sinister side of it and I don't think we ever will.   I have compiled a lot of pictures from our Halloweens in the past together.  Some from college, some after marriage.  I am blurry on the years, so you will just have to enjoy them as is. :)  

From college:  

I wish I had pictures from the night where a bunch of us (10-15) dressed as zombies and went trick or treating.  Yes, we were on the brink of our twenties, but Halloween is a childish holiday.  And what are you in college if not childish?  I can tell you that we scared the crap out of a bunch of other kids.

Well don't I look...not bloody...

After marriage:

There were a couple years where old college chums would get together over homecoming weekend and have a big party.  Here we are working very hard at scooping the guts.

Our first Halloween as a married couple. Zombie:Pirate
We went crazy decorating our house and bought King Size candy bars from Sam's.  That's before we realized that we don't get many trick-or-treaters 'round these parts.

Another year, I joined in the zombie action, '80s style.

Then, another year, I was a nerd and Brian was...a zombie. (I have a pot over my head and Brian is sporting the blue boa...)

Then, we had a baby.  I broke out the pirate outfit again and Brian was...a zombie.

I do not know whose moped this was...

We dressed Brody as Superman.

And he flew around collecting treats.  (Well, just one last year...a tootsie roll.)

And now we come to the present.  (Well, the recent past)

You already saw this picture, but I had to bring it back again.  Brian finally was something other than a zombie (although he swears he will be one again next year).

Rednecks....mullet, cut-offs, slippers, Dale tattoos and all...

Then on Halloween day...Brody went as a...


I had my sis in law bring the shopping cart just for a prime photo opportunity.  Filled with his essentials for living and his traveling sack.

I have to say that this was a pretty popular outfit.  We even had complete strangers asking to take a picture of him!

Brody loved every part of Halloween this year.  All the people intrigued him.

We do not go around our neighborhood.  There is an area in town where the people go ALL out decorating and the streets are FULL of children and their parents.  It is like stepping into a movie when walking down these streets.

Brody even 'walked' up to a few houses with the help of his cousins, grandparents, or us!  He had this grin on his face the WHOLE time.  He's a people person.

Here's a quick video of the hobo walking up to get his treat!

Happy Halloween from The Shaw Shack!

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