Monday, November 5, 2012

Show and Tell: My Job


1. Tell us what you studied in college. Is your job now related to what you studied?

Short Story: Went to college for nursing, switched to Elementary Education, then graduated with Psychology degree.  Went to Cosmetology school, work at high end salon.  Hated it. Long hours and very stressful for my people pleaser self.  Went to school again--fast track El. Ed. program.  Substituted then was a Teacher Assistant.  Loved it, had baby and was saaaaaaad!!! (You can read about all the struggles I had when I first started this blog).  Now, staying home and subbing on the side.  Everything that I have learned has been applicable to being a mom.  Definitely.  

2. Tell us what your everyday job looks like.

I am so lucky to have such a sweet little boy who loves to sleep.  So, I usually wake up around 10.  If Brody is still sleeping, I take a quick shower and get ready.  Brody wakes up and I give him breakfast.  He usually eats eggs with cheese, a Nutri-Grain bar, half a banana and some milk.  I eat some eggs and do some dishes/laundry or read blogs while he finishes eating.  Then, he plays for a couple hours while I do some housework.  If we have a lot to do that day, we will run errands or meet up with daddy for lunch.  Brody will usually sleep for a couple hours whether he goes down for a nap around 1 or 4.  When he wakes up, he either eats lunch, we run more errands or just play around the house.  Daddy gets home and I make dinner.  We play and relax.  Then bath and bedtime for the little dude around 9:30.  Sometimes, I stay up later than Brian because he wakes up so early and works so hard.  I am so lucky to have a much less stressful life than I used to.  I have time to get things done and get my sanity back.  I know as Brody gets older, it will get harder and harder so I am cherishing the moments I get to relax.

3. Do you have a picture of you at work? Show us.

Kids say the sweetest things...

Translated:   "Dear Santa, I wish that you could take me for a ride on your sleigh.  I want a violin and an XBOX 360, and a new camera.  Mine is broken.  One more thing-a 4-wheeler.  Please write me back.  I just hope you will.  Love, Abbie.  I love you Santa!  I was told that you were not real.  I know that you are. I believe in you Santa!  Love, Abbie again!"

Fun 'green' party for St. Patrick's Day.

A word problem written by a parent.  This is what I was dealing with...

And now....

Bath time

Afternoon wagon rides

Helping mommy in the kitchen

4. In 10 years, what do you see yourself doing? Same thing? More? Tell us.

Really, I have no idea.  I would love to have more babies and stay home with them.  I have even considered homeschooling, but my husband is adamantly against that.  When all our kids get to be school-age, then I plan on going back to work as a teacher.  That way, I can see my kids throughout the day, have holidays and summers off, and still be able to take them to fun after-school activities.  

5. Tell us what you have learned, and what {if any} recommendations you may have for those looking to go into the field you are in. 

Well, for teaching---they do not get paid enough or get enough credit.  You never know how much time and effort they give every single day to make sure your child gets the best education possible.  Nowadays, it seems that parents rely solely on teachers for not only their education, but social skills and work habits too.  Teachers get a lot of flack from parents.  They also have a lot of extra responsibilities other than creating meaningful, rigorous lessons.  Let me just say that during my student teaching, I had numerous teachers tell me to think really hard if this is a career I really want.  Lesson planning takes up a couple hours outside of the normal workday, and several hours on the weekend.  There is much more to it than what is seen during the 7:30-3:00 hours.

As a stay at home mom--best job ever.  Wouldn't give it up for anything.  Do it.  Difficult and rewarding.  Wouldn't have it any other way.

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