Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brody's First Birthday Bash

I feel absolutely horrible that it has taken me almost 3 months to post this, and I still feel like it's lacking with pictures.  I felt that I really needed to put this up though because it was such a huge milestone for my little guy.  I am hoping to upload more pictures from family members later....

It's been a long time coming.  The birthday party that I had planned for months.  The party that started out as one color scheme and then switching to something else the last month.  I looked all over Pinterest and the Internet, spent hours looking up ideas, hours thinking and sketching out stuff, making clothes and hats and decorations.  Phew!  Am I glad it's over!  The sad thing was, Bo Bo was not feeling good the couple days preceding the party and was only about halfway back to being his normal crazy self that Sunday.  He decided to have a nap right in the middle of his party, but we were having too much fun swimming in the lake to care.  We had a great time and had so much fun seeing everyone.  Our friends and family were so generous with gifts and Brody has enjoyed all his new toys.   Now, on to the pictures..... (I didn't get as many pics as I'd like because my camera died, so I did the best I could! :)  )

Table decor.  Each one had pictures of Brody in frames that I spray painted in coordinating colors.

Bro's high chair.  Made the streamers, bib and hat.

Gift table.  More pictures and Birthday cards on ribbon.

Brody's monthly pictures.

More tables

Other end

The set up--with snacks.  

View of the lake

Mom holding Brody in the shirt I made him




friends and family


my peeps

snacks on the dock--goldfish, M&M shots, jell-o with (Swedish) fish swimming in them

Cupcakes I made with shark fin and surfboard toppers

close up

The setup at dinner time--my mom made that awesome shark with fruit

Back up to see the lanterns

The sharrrrrk!  Cool, huh?  And yes, my mom cut a leg out of paper and put it by the mouth!

And this is where my camera pics of him eating his cake...which he was crying almost the whole way through.  He started to freak out when everyone sang the Happy Birthday song.  He didn't calm down until I took his birthday hat off, took him out of high chair and held him for a few minutes.  Then, I had to feed him a couple bites of icing before he realized that it was the best thing he ever tasted!

Happy First Birthday Brody Lee!  We love you!


  1. I love everything, especially the shark! Looks like a fun filled birthday!

    1. Thanks! I really am so bummed that I did not get better/more pictures. Mommy fail! It was a blur! :)

  2. Sooooo cute!! I love everything, what a fun theme, and it looks like it was a fun time! Great work! -- Kendra