Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Next 4 Years

Something happened tonight.  I had the privilege of putting my son to bed.  Usually Brian has this job which he joyfully accepts.  One on one time with his buddy.  But tonight, Brian wanted to watch the election news.  So, I wrapped Brody up in my arms and gave him his bottle.  Most nights, little dude will drink for a couple minutes, get squirmy, and he's ready to be put in the bed.

But tonight...

I watched his eyes blink a little more slowly.  His grip loosen on his bottle.  His little legs start to twitch.  His chest rise and fall in rhythm with mine.  He fell asleep safe in his mama's arms.  I sat there taking him all in, cherishing this rare time with my busy (almost) 15 month old.  His golden brown hair.  His long, dark lashes.  The sweet rocket ship pajamas that he will soon grow out of.  His wonky, crooked toe nails.

And I thanked God for giving me this moment.  Reminding me that while who the President is very important, this....this gift is more important.  What goes on in these four walls is what is going to impact his life the most these next 4 years.

The next 4 years, he will learn --- his ABCs and 123s.  how to use the potty by himself.  how to write his name.  the difference between right and wrong.  how to be independent as he walks through the doors of his kindergarten classroom.  the importance of kindness, compassion and gratitude.  that Jesus loves him and hopefully the feeling will be mutual.  that mommy and daddy will always be there no matter what.

And this is up to me. And Brian.
not the President, whomever that may be.


  1. I got chills reading this! Such a beautiful - yet rare - perspective. My cousin found out she was pregnant a few weeks ago. I was messaging with her as the news announced the presidential news. One of the things she said broke my heart... "I feel guilty for bringing a child into this world knowing that we'll have another four years like the last."

    But you are - sooo - right. The government cannot dictate our values or which beliefs and lessons we teach our children. In that sense, our country still has freedom.

    Ok, so I may be new to your blog but Brody is so stinkin' cute and I can already tell he is blessed to have you as a mother! You have a lovely family! Thanks for stopping by our blog and taking the time to comment! I'm excited to start following your posts!

    1. Thank you so much! I was very anxious that night, my stomach in knots, but so thankful that God was with me to put things in perspective. Love reading about you and your husband's relationship and travels. :)