Monday, July 23, 2012

Brody's 11 Month Update!

***Publishing a little late***
Oh my gosh.  In one month, Brody will be O-N-E!  How did this happen?!  Let's not let time get away from us.  Focus, Jessica.  11 months.  Ahhhh, what a relief this month has been.  Brody has been sleeping better, becoming a little comedian, and has just been an all around cutie patootie!  I could seriously kiss him every second of the day and it not be enough.  I am so so thankful to be this little boy's mama and to have such a good hubby/daddy to do it all with.  After doing Brody's 10 monther, I realized that I left some stuff out that he has been doing.  Oh well, I will just add to this one!  How 'bout that?  Here we go.  At 11 (and 10...) months, you:

-Don’t have any teeth still.  whatelseisnew?
-nap twice a day for about 2 hours each.  You have always had at least one nap every day, even if it was only 30 minutes long. 
-are pulling yourself up and slowly cruising along furniture.  I don’t really think you are anywhere near walking on your own.  You can’t stand on your own for even 1 second.  That’s okay. We still love ya!
-are still affectionate.  You love to be held and hugged and played with.   You don’t give kisses as much, but you rub my arm and put your head on my shoulder and it’s the best feeling ever.
-have only had diaper rash one time and it wasn’t as bad as I heard it could be, and it lasted less than two days.  I attribute it to cloth diapers and being an avid diaper changer.  About every four hours, even if the diaper doesn’t seem that wet.
-are no longer swaddled.  This is one that I have forgotten to mention before.  We never really said, “Tonight we are going to stop swaddling.”  You liked to be swaddled and it helped settle you to sleep and by morning you would wake up completely undone on the other side of the bed.  We never had to go through the transition of keeping an arm out and then the other one where some parents struggled with sleepless nights over it.  For the past couple months though, we have just laid a blanket on you and you’re set.  Also, since you have been able to roll over you have decided that sleeping on your stomach is most comfortable.  Sometimes with your butt sticking up in the air!  So funny baby.
-LOVE books.  You squeal with excitement when you see one and love helping me turn the pages when I read to you.  You can be fussy in your car seat and I will hand you The Very Hungry Caterpillar and your satiated for a long time. 
-are waving hello and bye bye, sometimes even saying, “ba ba.”  You clap and raise your hands up over your head when you’re excited. 
-shake your head no and nod your head yes.  Sometimes you do it on purpose and other times just to practice.  You usually do it when you are eating and when I am trying to give you kisses (say ‘no’).
-point to everything.  It helps let me know what you want.  If you are ready for your nap and I take you in your room and sign ‘sleep’ you will point to your crib and try to climb out of my arms to get in bed.  If not you point out the door shaking your head ‘no.’
-are signing and understand my signing and it is so cute.  You sign all done, eat, milk, and sleep.  You also understand stop and more.  You picked up sleep in one day and it really has made naptime much easier.  Sometimes you will do it to let me know or if you start rubbing your eyes and yawning, I take you to the crib, sign ‘sleep’ and you lay your head on my shoulder.  I rub your back for a minute, lay you down and within 10 minutes I don’t hear a sound through the monitor.
-are saying mama and dada discriminately but randomly too.  You also say ba ba, gung gung, doot, bpt, and have started rolling your tongue and saying lalala.  You also make your mouth into a perfect circle and say ‘ooo  ooo ooo’ like a monkey!
-DANCE!  It is the most precious and hilarious thing I’ve ever seen!  As soon as you hear music, whether at home, in the car, walking into a store, you start nodding your head up and down, waving yours arms around and/or swaying your shoulders back and forth.  You love music.
-are sharing.  It started with your pacifier but now you do it with everything.  I give it to you, you give it to me-back and forth.  I am trying to teach you the ‘thank you’ sign in the process.
-have slowed down your nursing a lot.  You still nurse well in the morning, some in the afternoon, and your bottle of pumped milk daddy gives you at night.  You don’t nurse for comfort really, only if you are really hungry.  You love your solid food and would much rather have that!
------I have only pumped a couple times this month and it has been so freeing!!!!  You still have quite a bit stockpiled, but hopefully you will use it because you…
-have started taking less and less during your nighttime bottle feed.  You used to drink 4-8 ounces, but now you only drink 1 or 2 before you get squirmy for bed.  You might be dropping this feeding.  Daddy is sad.  He used to hold you for about 20 minutes for bed and now it is sometimes 5 minutes or less.
-had your first experience at IHOP.  You love their pancakes and eggs.  
-can climb stairs.

I am 11 months old!
giving blue doggy kisses
standing and playing with your drawer

your average sized meal---you eat like a teenager

lots of fun pool time to be had

devouring eggs and pancakes from IHOP

sleeping bottoms up!

lots of boat rides

Buddy and grandma got you this cool pillow racer!

Improvised baby wearing

making my most favorite scrunched up face

Brody's catching the big one

always a happy guy

catching the sunset on the beach

make your oo oo face like a monkey
Your first 4th!

handsome guy on the 4th

"I need a nap!"

crawling all over mommy

Here you are with Nana

and Papa

another beach trip

Family of 3
well aren't you adorable?

We love you so much!

Thanks for being the best baby in the world and giving mama an easy job!  Next post like this will be when you are a whole year old!!  AHHHHH!

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