Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm Tired...

After spending the last few weeks constantly in a bathing suit and finding that I am starting to gain back weight after losing it post pregnancy, I realized that I am tired...

Tired of
trying on clothes thinking how much better this would look if I was as thin as 2 years ago.

sucking in.  all the time.

feeling guilty every time I eat bad food because I can just feel another dimple forming in my butt.

my thighs being intimate with each other causing pain when I have walked too long in a dress or bathing suit.

my gut rolling over my waistband.  Muffin top ruins a perfectly good outfit.

feeling self conscious playing with my son in a bathing suit where my rolls bulge and craters form when I sit down with him.  And just sitting down in general, looking down at my FUPA!

the door to door saleswoman telling me I must have some sista in me cause my 'thighs is thick.'

having no energy.

being incredibly jealous of the hot babes on the beach. So what if I've got 10 years on them.

not feeling sexy for my husband.


I joined Weight Watchers online.  Yep.  I did it.  I decided to do it online instead of going to weekly meetings because of the cost difference.  Right now the registration fee is just $1 and then a 3-month package is about $58.  I started today and have been tracking my meals and calculating points.  I am considering getting a Y membership too to kick my butt in the exercise department.

I am hoping to keep myself accountable through this blog and you can track along with me, maybe start up a weight loss plan with me.  This is still going to be a mommy blog (don't worry! :) ), but I am just going to post random updates with the label 'WW' if you want to keep up with me!  Here we go!



  1. Jess!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! You are one beautiful woman both inside and out - never forget that! Why don't you start doing 5k's with me? I claim to "trot" & just have fun - TJ wanted to do one every month and I love that it keeps me motivated knowing I've got another one coming up soon. Many 5k's also have a "baby jogger" division so Brody can join in! Think about it - love ya!

  2. aw thanks Kristie! I am definitely up for doing more 5ks, but I need to train a little before I feel confident 'trotting' with you! :) Have you signed up for one coming up yet? Spooky Sprint in October---I might try the Couch to 5k to get ready for that!! Love ya girl!