Friday, July 20, 2012

Let's Be Honest....

Let's make this quick shall we?  I have got a napping babe and a bathroom to clean!

-our friends are coming to stay the night tonight while en route to the beach.  A) This excites the crap out of me.  B) I love when people visit because it motivates me to clean the whole house. C) I may just stow away in their suitcase so I can go back to the beach.  D)  This excites the crap out of me!

-I have been doing WW for almost a full week now.  Sometimes I am HUNGRY, but I can definitely tell that it's going to work.  It really makes me think about what I am eating and how much I am eating. Both of those things were out of control before.

-I REALLY want to start working out.  I was a crazy madwoman before pregnancy spending 3 hours at the gym sometimes!  I know I can't do that now with bobaloo and that's okay.  BUT I am super nervous about dropping him off at the daycare area.  NOT because I don't trust the people that work there but because the last couple times Brody has been dropped off at the nursery at church he has screamed bloody murder and even one time, our 'number' popped up on the screen to come and get him. (<<major run on sentence and i don't care!)  YIKES!!  Now that I am staying home, he has definitely grown attached to his mama.  I may just go to the Y a couple times and play with him in the daycare area so he gets used to the place.......

-I wish I could throw the entire car seat in the washing machine.  Especially after Brody eats a banana.  Ew.

-I HATE when I miss a spot shaving.  Like, I HATE IT.  I also can never wear shorts to bed because I hate when my stubbly legs touch each other.....

-I am stressing over getting everything ready for Brody's party.  That and I am really sad that none of his cousins (all 4 of them) won't be able to come. SAD SAD SAD

-My friends are coming to stay that night tonight.......wait....did I already say that?? :) !!!!!!

See you later ding dong heads!

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