Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weight Update!

Alright folks, I have officially been doing WW since the Sunday before last (1.5 weeks ago).  I put in my starting weight on Sunday, but decided to do my weigh-ins on Wednesdays.  I am usually not home on Sundays, I didn't want to weigh-in right after the weekend (Monday), and Tuesday seemed too random.  So I chose Wednesday.  Hump day.  Middle of the week.  My husband said, "Wednesday is not random, but Tuesday is?  You're weird."  So.  I'm weird.  Whatev.  Getting down to business.  Between my first Sunday and last Wednesday, I lost 4 pounds!!  I couldn't believe it.  My hubby said (always the one to input his 2 cents), "Well, you just did a major lifestyle shift.  I would think you would lose the most at the beginning and then lose a little each week from now on."  Seems reasonable.  :)  Then, from last Wednesday to today, I lost 1 more pound!  So already, within a week and a half, I've lost 5 pounds.  This excites me and charges me forward.  Last weekend, I totally blew it when my friends were visiting because we went out to eat, I had fried pickles, and then we got Biscuitville the next morning.  Sue me.  This week, I have been trying to exercise more.  Going for walks outside, bike rides, and even broke in the treadmill a little bit.  Admittedly, I have been pretty hungry.  My tummy is always rumbling when I go to bed, and I am ready for breakfast in the a.m.  26 points gets used pretty quickly!  I know I can eat as many fruits and veggies as I want, and I have been, but a banana can only last you so long....I have been trying to have a big salad with a little bit of turkey and a lite dressing everyday for lunch.  I'm not tired of it so far!!  I took some 'before' pictures today.  Yowzas!  Here's hoping to look good in my Christmas picture! haha!  And keep it off for next summer!  I'll let you know when I lose 5 more pounds!  Stay tuned!

Don't I wish!

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