Friday, July 6, 2012

Brody's Birthday Wish List

I cannot believe Brody's birthday is just a little over a month away.  I still feel like I have so much to do!  I have been busy preparing for his party and one year photo shoot making decorations and cute outfits. :)  I was just trying to comprise a list of items that I think Brody would love and things that he needs.


A convertible car seat.  Preferably the Britax Roundabout 55 in Onyx.  As I am sure most mommies know, Britax is top of the line in safety.  This is considerably less expensive than the Marathon 70, but I am not sure what the major differences are so why not go for the better price?!!  View it here.  He has definitely outgrown his infant car seat and really should have switched over a couple of months ago due to his length, but now what's one more month?!  :)


Brody desperately needs some place to store his toys!  Right now, they are all piled on his play gym in the middle of the living room.  Not so tidy.  Wal-mart sells this kind, but I don't care what it looks like really-just not a plastic.  :)


I love this walker!  It looks like so much fun!  Brody still can't walk on his own and this will help him practice.  I saw this at Wal-Mart and thought it was perfect!  I may just have to get this for Brody myself!  haha!  Because this list is for me too!  To look back on and see what was needed at his different stages.


I love this personalized chair!  Brody would look so cute sitting in it on movie night!  This may be a bit old for him and I may ask again for his second birthday, but it is just so darn cute!!


ERIC CARLE BOOKS!!  He is one of my favorite authors/illustrators.  Brody LOVES The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  He gets so excited when he sees it.  He loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear too.  We also have Mr Seahorse.  I would love to expand his collection of these books!



A personalized plate. sells amazing personalized items including these plates!  They have really cute plates with pictures on it, like surfboards or pirate ships, but I think a more neutral plate would last for a longer time.  


TOYS!!  To go in his toy chest!  This boy loves to play!  He LOVES to push buttons, spin wheels, dance to music, open and close doors, etc.  The my first words toy is actually flash cards which I thought was cool.  The steering wheel looking thing is actually a case for the iPhone so he can play the games I have for him  Thought it was totally cool.  :)  I also saw the My Discovery House toy at Target and played with it for a long time! haha! It has lots of buttons and switches and makes lots of noises.  It is another really cool toy.  I LOVE looking at and buying toys for Brody! uh oh!

Well, there you have it.  Sweet little one year old items.  I wonder how much it will change by the time he's two!  It will be here before ya know it!  Do they sell 'Miracle Don't-Gro?' hahaha!  

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