Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Year In Review...Because Everyone's Doing It!

Well, another year is here!  While some hate New Year's and the resolutions, I gotta start somewhere!  I think it's fun to look back on what has happened/changed in the past year.  I am no longer working in the school system, Brian and I celebrated 6 years, and Brody rocked our socks off with getting some teeth, walking and talking!  So, let's take it back, shall we...


I wrote about my struggles with working when all I really wanted was to spend my days with my sweet boy.  Little did I know...

And I set up my crafting station, completed my first sewing project, and showed y'all all my crafting skills.


I didn't write much this month, but did experience a warm and amazing day with my family.


I started my Let's Be Honest (H)Friday posts to let you guys know a little bit more about me.


I wrote a list of products that baby and I have loved through his 8 months of life.  


I also wrote a funny (I think) post about the tell tale signs of being a mother.

Brody celebrated his first Easter.


Lack of writing again, but I did give some advice to all you expectant mothers.


I compiled a list of baby's beach necessities.


I wrote a list to the men in this world on how to make a woman swoon.


Brody turned one!!!!  I posted pics from his one year shoot and wrote a sappy post that I am sure all mothers can relate to.  We celebrated his birthday with a surfer themed party.


I cut my bangs and showed you guys some quick and easy DIY projects.

Brian and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary!


Lots happened on this little blog.  I did my first vlog.  

Showed you guys my awful fashion sense growing up.

I also posted about my past halloween costumes.


The new (old) President was elected and I wrote about the next 4 years.


I was so busy this month that I didn't post hardly anything of substance.  Brody had an amazing Christmas and I will be doing a more thorough update in the near future.

Hope you had a fabulous New Year!

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